Florida Course Testimonials

This was very informative and presented in a way that held my attention throughout. Thank You. - Shirley B., Sanford, Florida

Easy learning experience and fun to do. - Miguel P., Jacksonville, Florida

I learned a great deal. Everyone who drives should take this aggressive driver course. - Javier A., Hollywood, Florida

This course made traffic school fun and easy to learn. I would definitely recommend this online traffic school class to anybody I know that needs to take driving school! - Andrea T., Redington Shores, Florida

This course was very informative. It made me think of things I had not considered before. - Janese L., Tampa, Florida

Improv’s BDI course is very educative and entertaining at the same time. It all leads to a better understanding of how important it is to be a safe driver. - Guilherme A., Frostproof, Florida

One of the most important things that I learned is about driving and how your emotional and psychological state of mind can affect your safe driving. Also important was the emphasis on not allowing any distractions and prevention of distractions while driving. Thank you for a very informative course. I am sure this will make me a better driver and instructor for my children. - Phyllis N., Longwood, Florida

This class served as a refresher, and an eye opener to some of the amazing stats…. thank you!! - Dion D., Lauderhill, Florida

Making the information fun and easy to access makes it a lot easier to learn. I picked up a lot more facts and did a lot more thinking about my driving habits taking this course than I would have sitting in a lecture and spacing out. Awesome comedy traffic school course! - Matthew E., Tampa, Florida

It was actually very enjoyable and extremely easy to retain the information in the manner in which it was presented. Positively a much more enjoyable experience than receiving the ticket which brought me here. Thank you so much for all your efforts in putting this program together. - Penny N., Largo, Florida

This course was better than I could have ever expected. Improv Traffic School is great and I will keep recommending it to friends! - Brandi R., Seminole, Florida

This is the first time I had to take the traffic school course and I have to say….you guys rock!!! It was easy to understand and the humor helped me to come back and complete the session in one day!!! - Luis Z., Miami, Florida

Awesome technique for driving school. Had a bunch of laughs! I feel like Ive learned more from this than original driving school! - Kara S., Southwest Ranches, Florida

It was nice to be able to laugh while doing something so serious. - Maria A. Miami, Florida

Good job. Beats sitting in class! - Mark E. Tampa, Florida

I regret to say this is the second time I have had to take a traffic school class. The last one was boring and not fun to do, but not the Improv. Fun, interesting and informative. Would recommend this traffic school to others. - Kirk F. Orlando, Florida

Best traffic school ever. - Mable G. Sarasota, Florida

Really great course. It opened my eyes to a lot of things drivers take for granted every day. - Shannon K. Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Awesome deal. Definitely will recommend this to others. - James K. Aventra, Florida

The best driver improvement class I have ever taken – No Joke! - Kenneth G. Palm Beach, Florida

Entertaining as well as educational. Thank you for easing the pain of doing a traffic school! - Jacquelyn L. West Palm Beach, Florida

Don’t get a ticket! If you do, this is the best traffic school option in Florida - Michael C. Tallahassee, Florida

Very interesting and easy. I will recommend this course to others!! - Jennifer, G. Gainesville, Florida

What a great way to do traffic school. I will recommend this course to all my friends. - Vanessa H. Palm Beach, Florida

This online traffic school is as good as it gets. - Neil K. Tampa, Florida

Comedy Traffic School… what a great concept… I love it! - Michel H. Orlando, Florida

Cool Traffic School! - Laverne M. Tampa, Florida

Easy way to do state required traffic school. - Dean P. Jacksonville, Florida

Improv traffic school rocks… and thanks for the passes! - Ed K., Palm Beach, Florida

This traffic school sets a standard to what all education should be like!… - Marie L. Miami, Florida

Very convenient and informative driver improvement course. I have taken this class once before and this was a good refresher on everything previously covered….. I like how easy it was to use as I have a job that does not allow me to take traffic school unless it is online. online course is just as effective and gave very good information on safe driving. - Juan K. Hollywood, Florida

Great! Thanks so much, it was fun and easy, and very informative. - K.C. Jacksonville, Florida

I loved this course. I was able to go stop and return with no lost time. The timer stopped moving during the 2nd chapter and had to call support. My problem was resolved immediately and I was able to continue the program. If I received a phone call during one of the chapters, I was able to go back and review any lost time I had. I loved the comedy acts with examples about driving. It was also nice to see some input from the class. I’m looking forward to my next online traffic school class 3 years from now. - Robert M. Pembroke Pines, Florida

I appreciate the humor in the course. - Kelly J., Jacksonville, Florida

Excellent course, full of information and a lot of fun!! - Mel S., Miami, Florida

I really enjoyed the introduction videos for each chapter, as well as the comedy breaks while reading. - Aniya J., Tallahassee, Florida

Improv Traffic School is educational, entertaining, and enjoyable! (The three E’s) - Jomarie P., Orlando, Florida

I’ve been driving for over 18 yrs and never really thought that I needed this. That said, this course made me think of the things that I’ve been doing wrong and not knowing it. I’m very glad I elected to do this Florida traffic school course online, but I really would be happy to not have to do it again. I would recommend that the average driver have to complete a course like this every 5-10 yrs as a refresher course. - Garrett D., Jacksonville, Florida

Florida Course Testimonials