California Certificate Delivery

CA – A receipt of completion will be available for you to print out from your account as soon as you complete the course. This receipt is for your records. We notify the California DMV electronically of your completion by the next business day. The court will receive notice of your completion from the DMV and will update your case status. No other actions on your part are required, however we recommend checking your case status online (or call the court) after 7 – 12 days to make sure that your certificate has been accepted and your case has been closed.

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Check your driving record

No system is perfect; with overwhelming volume of information flowing through the court and DMV databases, its not unusual for errors to happen. We recommend that you check your driving record 30 days after the course completion to make sure that everything was processed correctly.

In California we file completions electronically directly with the DMV by next business day.
YES, as long as you complete the course on or before due date it should not be a problem. However we highly recommend that if possible you complete your course at least few days before the due date.
As of January 1st, 2012. All completions are filed directly with the DMV. Courts will not handle traffic school completions. We will file with the DMV by next business day.

California Certificate Delivery