A defensive driving course can be used for many reasons including to satisfy court requirements, reduce penalties of a traffic ticket, or even obtain a car insurance discount. Therefore, a defensive driving course can either be a necessary evil or something that can really help out both your pocket and your driving record.

Defensive Driving Course Benefits

A defensive driving course can help you add onto your knowledge of driving and help you improve your skills, allowing you to hit the road safely.

Improving your driving skills isn't the only benefit you'll receive, however. You'll also have the possibility of having traffic tickets eliminated from your driving record completely. Giving your certificate of completion to the proper authority (local court or DMV) is needed to expunge a violation from your record.

Many car insurance companies will also give out discounts for drivers who successfully complete additional driver training, which includes defensive driving courses. Talk to your car insurance agent to see if this discount is available to you.

If your job requires you to drive company vehicles, completing additional driver training such as defensive driving just might get you that coveted promotion and upward mobility.

States differ in their traffic laws, but some will even require that people finish a defensive driving course to get their official driver's license or to remedy a person's driving record after receiving a violation.

How to Find a Defensive Driving School Course

One of the best ways to find a defensive driving course near you is to head to the local DMV and ask which ones are the best or most widely-accepted. Local driving schools will also usually offer defensive driving programs. In some states, you may even have the option of completing a course online from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule. Certain restrictions may prevent you from being able to do the online option, so contact the traffic school of your choice to see if you are eligible.

What's Included in a Defensive Driving Course?

In a defensive driving course, you keep up with the latest in traffic laws of your state and techniques for defensive driving are thoroughly covered in both classroom and online courses. You'll learn how to properly signal, park, and share the road effectively with other drivers to reduce your risk of accidents and future violations.

Online Defensive Driving and Traffic School Courses