Learning how to fight a Florida traffic ticket is a valuable skill when you’re trying to avoid penalties and points on your driving record. To fight ticket penalties, you will have to take your accused violation to court for ticket dismissal. Contesting your ticket in court can be a struggle when you don’t have a plan of action.Hiring a lawyer to help you fight a traffic ticket penalty is a smart choice. They’re the legal professionals. In fact, it’s one of the secrets on how to fight a ticket.

How to Contest a Ticket

Contesting a traffic ticket in court is declaring yourself not guilty when being accused of a traffic violation. This is your opportunity to state your case on why you are innocent. If you win, the ticket is dismissed, as well as the penalties.You have 30 days after receiving your traffic ticket to inform the county clerk of your intentions. When you notify the court of your contestation, you will be assigned a date and time for your summons.

How to Beat a Traffic Ticket

You can beat a traffic ticket by successfully proving the reason why you are not guilty. The easiest way to accomplish this is by hiring an attorney to fight with you. However, this is not required.In some situations, the traffic ticket is dismissed when the police officer who cited the ticket does not show up to the summons. This is a wave of luck that most ticket contesters try to ride. When the police officer does show up to the summons, you should provide evidence as to why the citation was unjustified.

Failing to Contest a Ticket in Court

With high risk comes high reward - as is the case when contesting your ticket. You know how to take your case to court, but what happens if you’re found guilty?Failing to contest your ticket means you will have to pay the fines associated with your ticket. Along with this, you will have to pay for the court fees and attorney, if you hired one. You will lose more money failing a contestation than you would paying off the ticket when you received it. Therefore, challenging the citation is such a risky endeavor.

Fines and Penalties of Florida Traffic Tickets

The ticket fines are printed onto the citation when issued. What isn’t included onto the ticket are the penalties associated with the violation. These vary depending on the severity of the violation; however, they all directly affect your driving record.You’ll have to pay fines depending on the type of violation. Common traffic fines will cost you anywhere from $50 to $250. However, you should expect somewhere in the thousands for DUI related incidents.Traffic tickets result in points added to your driver’s license. When you accumulate enough points, you can lose your license through suspension or revocation.

Alternative Ways to Deal with Traffic Tickets

There are alternative ways to handle a traffic ticket. If contesting the ticket in court is too risky, you can avoid it by paying the ticket or enrolling in traffic school. Both options carry their own benefits.Paying off the ticket is the quickest and simplest way to resolve a violation. By paying off a ticket, you are admitting guilt to committing the violation. This means points will be added to your driver’s license.Enrolling in Florida traffic school will help you lower your annual insurance rates. In some cases, presenting a certificate of completion from a traffic school will help you dismiss a ticket. At the very least, it will keep you from gaining additional points on your license.