There's no doubt that online traffic school is the simplest way possible to update skills and to refresh understanding of traffic laws. One time when this may come in handy is in instances where a parent or senior citizen needs a bit of reaffirming or additional support, especially as they get older. The problem is, though, that convincing seniors that they need this type of help can be hard to do. How can you show your loved one that they could benefit from this type of encouragement or training even if they have been driving for 20, 30, or more years? Here are some tips to help you with this process.

#1: Be frank about the risks - especially when you are in the car!

Let's be honest. Most of the time, you are not going to realize there is a problem until you are in the car with your loved one and he or she is no longer in control. You may notice that your senior citizen is pulling more to the center lane and it is making you nervous. You may see that he or she is not as aware of what's really happening around them. You heard that other driver yell, but it does not seem like your parent did! This can be frightening for you. While you are in the car, be sure to make note of these experiences. Let your loved one know that there is a problem. Most often, they do not realize there is any real risk present.

#2: Pinpoint the specifics

Often times, seniors are not going to think they need this type of driving education because they believe they have all of the skills they need. It is your job to show them where they are struggling. For example, you might say something about the speed limit, changing lanes, or their lack of navigating the freeway properly. Be very specific about what he or she is doing wrong. This is essential because in nearly all cases, the individual has no idea what he or she is doing wrong. When you do this, you also need to offer a solution. Tell your loved one that you believe he or she just needs a refresher, some additional information, or some new skills for today's tougher road conditions.

#3: Get some backup, but be careful

Another way to show your loved one that he or she really needs to think twice about driving or needs to take an online traffic school course for a refresher is to have someone else provide some information. Whether it is a trusted friend, another family member, or even a neighbor, you need someone else to step in and say that they too have seen the mistakes and oversights. However, it is very important that you do not offend the individual. The last thing you need to do is to insult your loved one - that's not going to help.

#4: Make it about defensive driving instead!

Another route to take to show a senior citizen that he or she needs a bit more help is to focus on the other guy. That is, show your loved one that they are no longer safe driving because of other people on the road with them. Defensive driving skills are incredibly important today for everyone - even you! Encourage your loved one to take steps to implement strategies for this so that he or she can improve skills and stay safe while on the road.

#5: Make it clear what the benefits are

When talking to your loved one about his or her driving skills, offer a solution. Online traffic school is an easy solution. They can complete it at home and on their own time. You can help them with the navigation and process if they are unsure of how or why to do so. Even more importantly, you will want to showcase to your loved ones all that they can do to benefit from it. They will gain skills, they will feel more confident on the road, and they can learn how to be a safe and defensive driver, all-important skills for today's senior driver.

Now is an excellent time to sign up for online traffic courses. The process is very straightforward and provides you with everything you need to help you or your loved one to get the support needed. All you have to do is to sign up!

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