To put it bluntly, traffic tickets are hell. You wind up paying exorbitant fines because some municipalities are increasing the amounts to raise revenue. Moreover, the police are more vigilant than ever about catching motorists in the wrong. If all of this is not bad enough, never forget about the cameras that photograph your car speeding and send the pictures to you in the mail, along with a large bill.

So what can the average driver, such as yourself, do to survive in this age when “Big Brother” is watching their every move on the roads? Well, the answer is to enroll now for a defensive driving course. Not only will you receive pertinent information on how to remain safe behind the wheel but also a possible reduction of license points and having your ticket reduced or dismissed.

The Driving School of Today

You might at first be a bit wary of the advice to attend driving school. After all, you are probably a busy person. When do you have time to sit in a classroom?

Well, scheduling classes is no longer an issue. The driving school of today can take place either in a traditional brick and mortar building or online. You can have online class wherever and whenever convenient. In fact, many families and coworkers enroll in group classes to motivate each other to complete the courses.

Ticket Reduction

Most states allow those who completed a defensive driving course to have their traffic tickets dismissed.

The school should be recognized by the state. Moreover, the instructor must be certified by the authorities and the course most be for a certain number of hours. Check with your driving school to ascertain the specific requirements in your jurisdiction.

Upon completion of the course, motorists may receive ticket dismissal, license point reduction and automobile insurance discounts.

Defensive Driving vs. Traffic School

Be careful when enrolling. Some states define the two kinds of schools differently. In New York and Florida, you will be taking a defensive driving course to have your traffic ticket points reduced.

Arizona dismisses certain traffic violations after a motorist completes an approved defensive driving course. In contrast, traffic school is for serious violators ordered to take classes by the courts.
Meanwhile, California uses the two names interchangeably.

Going to Court
Americans have the right to defend themselves in a court of law. Some choose to do so when presented with a traffic ticket. They want to fight it out with the city to get the infraction removed from the record.

In certain cases, these challengers are successful. A California physicist was able to use scientific principles to win. He demonstrated that a police officer, situated at a certain angle, perceived his car to have run a stop sign when in fact it had stopped. In other instances, an alleged violator can win by default when the officer who presented the ticket does not show up in court.

Nevertheless, these victories are few and far between. Motorists usually wind up having to pay the fine and possibly some court costs.

Defensive driving school is the easier route without a doubt. Just enroll, finish the course and the violation disappears.

Enroll and Get on With Life

Everyone wants to save money. One way you can do so today is by enrolling in a state approved defensive driving school. You can have your ticket dismissed, removing the fine. Better yet, your driving record will be wiped clean, leading to a reduction in your insurance premium rate.

Perhaps best of all, you will learn some driving skills that can help you avoid getting tickets in the future.