Every Tennessee driver should renew their driver's license prior to its expiration. Driver's license renewals are processed with the Driver Services Division of the state's Department of Safety and Homeland Security. If you fail to renew your driver's license before it expires, you can be ticketed for driving illegally within the state's boundaries even if you have succeeded in registering a vehicle in Tennessee. Though you can search the web for “TN drivers license lookup” and similar terms, it is much easier to follow this handy guide for your license renewal. Keep in mind your TN car registration renewal, TN duplicate title, lost title TN, Tennessee plate renewal and other issues will be resolved separately from your driver's license renewal.

TN Renewal Options and Timeline to Renew Drivers License Tennessee

It is possible to renew your driver's license in-person, by mail or on the web. Regardless of the method for renewal you select, you should get the ball rolling on the process at least a couple months prior to your license's expiration date. Be on the lookout for a renewal notice mailed by the Tennessee DMV. The status of your license dictates when and how it can be renewed. Those who hold a valid license can renew it upwards of a full year prior to its expiration. Those who are not citizens of the United States must renew their temporary driver's license in-person. If you have an expired license that has lapsed beyond the 30-day mark, you will be required to pay a late fee when renewing. Additional information about renewing an expired license can be obtained by dialing the Tennessee Driver Services Division at 866-849-3548. A suspended license requires the reinstatement of driving privileges. A damaged, stolen or lost license can be renewed as long as you know your license number.

Renewing Online

If you would like to renew your license online, head on over to the Tennessee Driver Services website with the following information on-hand:
  • Your Tennessee mailing address
  • Your driver license number
  • Credit/debit card information to pay the $28 renewal fee
  • The last four digits of your Social Security number
  • Complete the online renewal form, print the confirmation page and it will suffice as a temporary license extension. You should receive your new license within a month's time. Keep in mind you can also use the web to renew registration online TN to boot.

    Renewal by Mail

    Look at your renewal notice to determine if you are eligible to renew your license by mail. If so, follow the instructions listed on the notice to renew your license through the United States Postal Service. If you have questions about your TN drivers license status after mailing in the required information, contact the Tennessee Driver Services Division at 866-849-3548. This help line can also provide you with information about vehicle registration renewal TN and TN car tag renewal.

    Renewal In-person

    You can also renew your license in-person by visiting a local Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. Those who are moving to Tennessee drivers license must complete the process in-person at the DMV. You must bring the following items to complete the license renewal in-person: Your current driver's license and a means of paying the $28 driver's license renewal fee. Your photo will be taken for your new license. It will arrive in the mail within a month's time. If you have questions about your Tennessee car registration renewal, raise them to the DMV representative while you are in the office renewing your license. You can also ask questions about renew TN tags and TN car title while in the office.

    Military Member License Renewal

    Those who are active duty in the military will enjoy a 60-day grace period for an expired license following discharge or a return to Tennessee. Such individuals should request that “Code 30” be printed on their license to indicate the military extension. This designation requires the following information: A copy of military orders, notarized copies of the front and back of the military ID, the out-of-state mailing address and $8 for the payment of the duplicate fee.

    Renewing a License as a Non-U.S. Citizen

    If you are not a citizen of the United States, you must visit your local DMV office to renew your temporary driver's license in-person. Bring the following documents with you: Two documents to prove your address in Tennessee (bank statement, rental agreement or utility bill) and a means of paying the $28 license renewal fee.