What is Comedy Traffic School and Defensive Driving Defensive driving means taking control of your own circumstances to minimize the chances you will be involved in an accident. It is all about anticipation. Rather than you anticipating an upcoming red light with acceleration, you should anticipate another driver jumping their green light and ending up in your path. No matter how defensive you are, some drivers will always be offensive. Defensive driving is an approach to have you focused on the possibility of other driver’s actions. Defensive Driving is all about predicting and anticipating what other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists are going to do.

It is a bit of an art, and we can teach you easily, affordably and with a smile at Improve Traffic School. Traffic school can help refresh your memory on what is important when driving. At some point we all feel so comfortable with driving, we lose concentration. That can be a serious mistake.

If you’ve been assigned the opportunity for traffic school consider our fun, entertaining, and educational cutting edge approach. Improv Traffic School can satisfy your traffic school commitments in such an enjoyable way, it may seem like a crime.

What is Comedy Traffic School and Defensive Driving