Drivers who are required to attend traffic school or defensive driving classes due to traffic violations no longer need to sit through six to eight hours of lecturing. Traffic schools are evolving as fast as the rest of the technological world and online traffic schools now offer the same quality courses on the Internet. Usually lasting six to eight hours, now these classes are accessible 24 hours a day, eliminating the challenges of fitting a scheduled class into an already busy life. Taking a driving course online makes it convenient to start and complete within the allotted time frame. Technology allows identification and selection of any course specifically designed to respond to the traffic instruction needed, whether it concerns drunk driving, speeding or another driving-related issue. Often certification can be sent electronically directly to the court or program so completion can be recorded almost in real time.

An online traffic school can also benefit drivers who wish to reduce insurance costs, dismiss a traffic ticket or reinstate a suspended license. Defensive driving courses take four to six hours to complete, and can reduce annual insurance costs by 10 to 33%, depending on the insurance company.

Like other Internet concerns, caution is needed to protect against fraud. If the defensive driving course is required because of a traffic violation (DUI, reckless driving, texting while driving, etc.), be sure to select an online traffic school that can demonstrate compliance with local court and driving Administration standards. The court itself may have a list of standard and online traffic schools that are acceptable as providers for this service.

To access the most suitable online traffic school, consider these points while choosing a provider:

If the course is required because of a traffic violation:

  • Check the court document to determine the specificity required for compliance. When investigating schools, ask for confirmation that they provide training that responds to the specific legal need.
  • Confirm the time frame for completing the course. Unlike classroom courses, online classes can be taken at the leisure of the student. The court will require the course be completed within a specified period, so plan to get it done with time to spare. Failing to complete the course on time will almost certainly further impact the driving record.
  • Confirm that the school is State approved to provide the training. Many schools are certified to provide training pursuant to court orders, but some are not and courses taken through them may not be credited to the case. The local Department of Motor Vehicles can verify if the chosen school is on their approved list.
  • Clarify the notification procedure. Schools that have an affiliation with the courts already may have an established process for recording and reporting a successful completion. If they do not, it will be up to the student to get the certification document to the court in a timely manner.

If the course is to reduce insurance costs:

  • Check with the insurance carrier to identify which courses will cause a reduction in insurance costs. Not all driving courses will have the same level of impact.
  • Ensure the insurer receives the proper notification of completion, and that the policy reflects the certification.
  • To maintain reduced rates, the driver may be required to repeat the course after a certain period.
  • Maintain safe driving habits to keep insurance costs low over time.

Driving a car is a privilege that brings joy and responsibility. If the driving record is clean, taking a defensive driving class from an online traffic school can reduce annual insurance costs. If driving violations have caused the loss of driving privileges, those can now be recovered through the services of an online traffic school.