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We've been honored with countless awards from students and media alike, including ‘Best Traffic School.’ It’s fast, fun, and easy!

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1) The traffic school should be approved by Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Be aware of national providers that may not be approved in Florida. The last thing you want is to spend your day earning a certificate that won’t help you and isn’t accepted by all courts.

2) Make sure the traffic school offers same-day processing and reporting.

Selecting a school with same-day processing and reporting is critical if you are running close to the deadline. You want to choose a traffic school that will submit your certificate to the DMV the same day that you complete the course to avoid any delays.

3) Traffic school fees should be all-inclusive.

You will see many traffic schools offering courses for a very low fee, just to find out that you will be required to pay mailing, reporting, processing, and other fees to get what you need. Make sure the total price is disclosed upfront so you know what you are getting for that price. The average price for DHSMV-licensed traffic school is between $19 to $29.

4) Ensure the traffic school reports your certificate to the DMV for FREE.

You want to find a school that will submit your completion certificate to the DMV. The last thing you want after you’ve completed your course is to spend another day trying to submit your certificate to the DMV.

5) The course offered should be mobile and cross-device friendly.

Finding a course that is mobile and cross-device friendly provides the maximum convenience. Cross-device courses allow you to start on a desktop, then continue working on your mobile device, then come back to your desktop. You want to be able to work on the course at any location and on any device that is most convenient to you.

We pride ourselves on offering one of the best values in the industry and all-inclusive pricing. We promise to never include any last minute surprise fees and to provide you with the lowest all-inclusive price for the best and simplest course on the market. To give you an accurate price for the course you need, please Select Right Course First and answer a few qualifying questions to make sure you don’t take the wrong class.

Yes! We are approved for statewide use in Florida by the Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and accepted by ALL FL Courts, to meet your traffic school requirements.

Yes you can! We report course completions electronically right away. As long as you complete by 11:59pm Pacific Time on your due date, we will make sure you get proper credit with the FLHSMV and a certificate for your submission to the court.

As part of your all-inclusive course price, we electronically submit your certificate of completion to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles immediately upon completion, and we will provide you with a certificate, accepted by all courts, for your submission to the court.

Based on FLHSMV regulations, the course is designed to provide 240 minutes of instruction (4 hours). However, our online course curriculum is 3 hours and 15 minutes which is all the reading time required in order to move on to the quiz.

IMPROV Traffic School course is only six chapters. At the end of each chapter there are quiz questions, which are meant only to prepare you for the final quiz.

GREAT NEWS!! You cannot fail the course! You are guaranteed to pass! Although you need to answer 32 correct answers in order to pass, you have unlimited free re-takes of the quiz. In over 20 years of offering this course, we have yet to meet someone who hasn't passed.

Yes. You can complete on any desktop or mobile device, no special downloads required. We are especially proud of our mobile option.

You can take the 4-hour basic driver improvement traffic school course to avoid points from a moving violation once every 12 months but only five times in your lifetime.

Unfortunately, per Florida state law, if you are a CDL holder you may not elect to attend traffic school, regardless of the type of vehicle being driven when ticketed.

No need to panic, we are here to help you! If you got a ticket in Florida, you will want to contact the court within 30 days of the date on your ticket and elect traffic school (basic driver improvement course) so that you have the option to take the course to dismiss your ticket. Please be aware there may be court administrative fees in addition to the cost of the course.

Any time! We are happy to share that our courses and our team is available to you 24/7.

Quick and Easy! Upon completion, so long as your information was entered correctly, we provide you with a copy of your certificate online so you can print it out any time. It’s as easy as view, print, done!

Not at all, one of the great benefits to taking the course online is you can take the course at your convenience. You can log in and out as much as you want, and our system will always save your progress so that you can pick up where you left off.

If the court allows you to take traffic school and you successfully complete it within the required period and submit proof of completing a traffic course to the court, you should not receive any points.

Yes, with the convenience of the online course, you can complete the course anywhere. Once you have completed the course and retrieved your certificate, you will need to send the completion to the court assigned to your traffic ticket.

According the FLHSMV: the most common traffic violation points are below. REMEMBER: receiving points on your license may increase your insurance premium rates, which may cost you more annually.

Description Point
CRASH - Leaving scene without giving information more than $50 damage (specify amount) 6
CRASH - Fail to leave information UNATTENDED vehicle - property damage 6
Violation of 316.183(2), 316.187, or 316.189, Speed in excess of 50 MPH 4
TOO fast for conditions 3
Passing on enter/exit side while bus is stopped [See 318.19(3) Mandatory Hearing Required] 4
SCHOOL BUS - failure to stop for (school election available to have adjudication withheld) 4
Fail to stop at STEADY RED signal, one-way street, before making left turn 4
Fail to obey traffic control signal (Failed to stop at traffic signal/red light) 4
Fail to stop at STEADY RED signal 3
Failed to yield right-of-way to pedestrian 3
TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICE Fail to obey traffic control device (sign) 3
BACKING - improper 3
CHILD RESTRAINT - Infant thru 3 years MUST be in SEPARATE carrier, 4-5 years in carrier/seat belt. Applies to ANY location in vehicle (Driver to be cited) 3
Child Restraint required 3

Not at all, with most of our daily tasks transitioning to online versions, we have many customers who are new to computers and the Internet. We have created our courses to be easy to understand and with no special computer skills needed. The great news is we are also available 24/7 via phone call and live chat.

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