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What’s Worse: NY Football Traffic or NY College Football Traffic?

The autumn crisp has been wandering through New York for the past few weeks. That means everyone’s favorite transitional season is here: Football Season.…

September 6, 2018

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How Much Money Does the NY DMV Generate from Defensive Driving Courses?

The Department of Motor Vehicles, notoriously known as the DMV, is the bedrock of human bureaucracy. You could spend anywhere from 45 mind numbing…

September 6, 2018

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NYC Restaurant Wars and How to Fight the Traffic to Make Reservation

New York City is teaming with fancy restaurants, fine diners, and gourmet eateries. If there’s one thing the city is known for, it’s their…

September 4, 2018

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How Is NY Limiting Uber & Lyft Drivers?

New York City is built on its public transportation. The Empire City is highly regarded as having the best public transportation in the country – nay – world! You can…

August 24, 2018

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What Cars Do Owners Keep the Longest?

Buying a car is often regarded as a horrible investment of your money. By the time you drive it off the lot, it depreciates in value – never again reaching…

August 14, 2018

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Top NY Delivery Jobs

Nothing feels better than being on the open road. The wind in your hair, your favorite tunes playing, and the next destination is just over the horizon. If you find solace in driving to new locations…

August 8, 2018

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NY Pay-to-Drive Plan

When talking about public transportation, New York City is usually mentioned as having the best in the country. The reason being, they propel innovative traffic policies, maintain the upkeep of their infrastructure, update the speeding ticket…

August 6, 2018

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When I was in New York…

Ah, yes, New York state. Also known as the Empire State, founded in 1624 by the Dutch as a major trade settlement, and the state animal is the majestic beaver. New York is a cherished land…

August 1, 2018

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Best Routes to New York Hotels

You may have thought the vacation started the moment you step foot into your hotel. But, you couldn’t be more wrong. The hotel starts the moment you put the key…

July 31, 2018

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Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Are Back

Earlier this year, self-driving cars were causing a bit of commotion in the public. This year, more than ever, self-driving cars were operable on the streets and becoming a common…

July 30, 2018

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