Nothing feels better than being on the open road. The wind in your hair, your favorite tunes playing, and the next destination is just over the horizon. If you find solace in driving to new locations – and nothing else – you might want to consider a career in delivery.

Delivery jobs are becoming more important with the world’s growing infrastructure and demand for online transactions.

Everything from groceries to a new cabinet can be delivered to your doorstep within a few days. If you’ve already taken your online defensive driving course, then you’re hours closer to becoming a delivery driver. To help you manage your aspirations, we’ve put together the top NY Delivery Jobs.

Package Delivery

The most common delivery job is a package delivery job. If you’ve seen Amazon, UPS, or USPS trucks driving around New York, then you’re watching a package delivery service at its best – transporting packages. There’re hundreds of companies that have their own shipping teams. Soon, you could be wondering how to drop off a package behind an inaccessible gate.

Mail Delivery

Mail delivery is the backbone of America. It’s a career that’s been rooted deep into the fabric of our history; some of the most well-known figures of our time come from a postal service background. Mailmen visit neighborhoods, people’s homes, and businesses to drop off letters and other important mail items. The only downside is being despised by every dog everywhere.

Food Delivery

The rise of Grubhub, Postmates, and Uber Eats made food delivery extremely accessible by people. If you have the wheels and spare time, you could be adding a little bit of cash to your wallet by delivering food to people’s homes. The hardest part about this job is not eating the food.

Lyft, Uber, Taxi (Human Delivery)

If you’re enjoy the process of delivering people, then consider a career with Lyft, Uber, or a Taxi company. Delivering people is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the city you live in. They’re like boxes, but you can hold a conversation with the contents!

Courier Services

Couriers are the odd job specialists of the delivery industry. They will handle the smaller products that need to be delivered to throughout the city. Often, couriers are romanticized with a messenger bag strapped to their backs and riding a 10-speed bike on paths and roadways – all while heroically dodging traffic. In reality, they just deliver important mail from businesses in their car. There’s less accidents and more podcasts involved.

Cargo Delivery (Semi-Truck Drivers)

Truck drivers don’t get enough credit. It seems like the only time they cross your mind is when they’re cutting you off on the highway. Life as a truck driver can be exhausting and highly rewarding. You get to see the most interesting and beautiful sights in the country, deliver an abundance of valuable goods, and have a slumber party with other truck drivers every night. Maybe that last part isn’t too accurate. But, there are rest stops throughout the country specifically for truck drivers.

Newspaper Delivery

Attention! Attention! Read all about it! Delivering newspapers isn’t just for 10-year old boys living in the suburbs of New York. Anyone can deliver the newspaper. All you need to have is a strong arm and steady aim. Again, you’ll have to be comfortable with being hated by dogs everywhere and being barked at in the early morning.

Flower Delivery

By being a flower delivery person, you’ll be Cupid’s personal messenger. Nothing is better than sparking that passionate love between two people by delivering the most traditional symbol of love. However, people with allergies to pollen may not feel too comfortable with this particular career path.