The autumn crisp has been wandering through New York for the past few weeks. That means everyone’s favorite transitional season is here: Football Season. As colleges gear up their collegiate pride, the pros are gearing up to represent their state’s pride. One of the most popular sports in the country is about to be underway.

As New Yorkers, however, there’s some bad news.

With game day comes fighting game day traffic. It’s the worst part about this time of year. Not even the glorious education from an online defensive driving course can salvage this seasonal road congestion.

People across the country flock to already clustered cities and campuses to support their favorite hog-tosser (that’s a quarterback, right?) and to ensure the humiliating defeat of their rival team. Competition runs deep in football. That’s why, to make it even more competitive, we’re weighing which football traffic is worse: College or Pro League?

NY College Football Traffic Problems

College Parking:

For all these smart people, you’d think they’d create a smart way to park. College parking is notoriously awful – especially in the big city. The only way you’ll be able to find the right parking space, without paying for the equivalent of a college tuition, is by driving to an obscure neighborhood on the opposite side of campus. This kind of handicap will only lead to more cars on the road, creating the infamous college day campus clog.

College Kids:

College kids can dampen any college gameday festivities. They’re notorious for their reckless behavior and rambunctious attitude. Especially during a tailgate. Driving around a town during a college gameday could mean distracted drivers, street wanderers, and intoxicated nuisances. Students should spend less time drinking and more time staying off the roads!

Cramped Campus Roads:

One other fantastic quality about college campuses are the winding, tiny roads. They’re beautiful and unique to developing an aesthetic educational institution. But when you’re cramming thousands of hungry, enthusiastic college football fans down a narrow one-way, you can expect some major traffic. Efficient infrastructure is a rare sight to be held on the collegiate property.

NY Pro Football Traffic Problems

Expensive Parking – if any at all:

During game day, the lucky few will find parking. Sharing the same problems of their college sibling, the pros have the exact same issues – but on a professional level. If you thought spending money for parking at a college university was expensive, just wait until you realize the price per hour at any parking garage within a mile’s radius of the pro stadium.

Out-of-State Drivers:

When most of the country loves sports, driving on the roads will feel like much of the country is in your state. Because of the popularity of pro league football, you might notice more people flocking to New York this time of year. It’s going to be a traffic issue too.

You’ll catch yourself yelling, “Go back to Pennsylvania!” multiple times this season. When out-of-staters visit the wonderful Empire state, they must adjust to new territory. That means, wrong turns, slow driving, rubbernecking, and everything else that comes out of a drive when in unknown lands.

Too Many People:

New York is already crowded. Pro League football has insurmountable number of fans wanting to visit every game. During the big game day, you’ll be fighting the crowds, rushing in the traffic, and the being subjected to the hectic confusion excited fans. Maybe it might be better to just stream the game from your living room with a couple of buddies.

The Winner Is: Pro football traffic definitely outweighs college football traffic. Choose your outings wisely ?