dmv ny defensive driving course
The Department of Motor Vehicles, notoriously known as the DMV, is the bedrock of human bureaucracy. You could spend anywhere from 45 mind numbing minutes to 8 hours inside of a one, depending on where you live. These government agencies are infamous for their paperwork hurdles, documentation deliria, and crass communication.

The reason why so many people despise the DMV is because everyone has to go there.

Since the DMV has so many people paying money for licenses and registrations, it’s fair to assume they make some pretty good revenue. After all, everyone is a customer. When you sign up for a NY Defensive Driver course, an eight-dollar (in 2018) reporting fee goes to the NY DMV. So, how much money does the DMV make from defensive driving courses?

Defensive Driving Done Differently in New York

In the Empire State, defensive driving courses are referred to as point and insurance reduction program (PIRP.) According to their website, when you enroll in a PIRP, you can remove upwards to 4 points from your driving record. That’s a great deal for reckless drivers who are close to having their license revoked.

The DMV works with other businesses to provide you the courses you need to become your ideal defensive driver. When you go through the program of an approved classroom provider, you will be accredited with completing a defensive driving course. Your in-person classes must be led by a certified defensive driver instructor and you will have to attend the class for 320 minutes.

Alternatively, if attending a traditional classroom isn’t your thing, you can always choose to enroll in an online defensive driving course, which can be completed on your own time. The only obstacle is holding yourself accountable. Coincidentally, being accountable of your actions is the very reason you had to take a defensive driving course in the first place.

How Much Money Do I Spend on Defensive Driving and Who Gets It?

The amount of money you spend on a defensive driving course will vary from institution to institution. You’ll notice that not all courses are equal. That’s why you could be charged more for one course and charged less for another. The course you enroll in is completely your decision and will determine your success as a defensive driver for the rest of your life. No pressure.

You can enroll in a defensive driver course every 18 months in the state of New York for point reduction and once every 3 years for insurance discount. That’s just 3 years until your next one as a New York resident. This will really raise the stakes for those who have a hard time holding themselves accountable while taking online classes.

So, who do you have to pay?

Who makes the money from the defensive driving courses is dependent on who you enroll with. Each traffic school will have their own specialized offers directly for you. The DMV offers a list of approved traffic schools, which you can enroll with – but we have a special favorite, if you couldn’t tell:

The typical range of defensive driving courses will be from $24.00 to about $50.00. When you enroll in a program the money will go to the company that is offering the class but $8.00 will go to the NY DMV. So, when there’s so many reckless drivers on the road needing to enroll in a defensive driving course – you could assume any school could make money.