How to Get a Texas Traffic Ticket Dismissed

In Texas, there are two main courses to choose from, and we’re not talking steak and ribs main courses. We have your “ticket dismissal course” for those who have received a defensive driving course option from the court. Then we have your “save me some money on my insurance and stick it to the man” course. This is pretty self-explanatory and is subject to your particular insurance company. If you received a traffic ticket in Texas, you may be able to take our online defensive driving course in lieu of having a ticket on your driving record. For that to happen, you must first take the following steps:
  • Request permission from the court to complete our course to have your ticket dismissed. Either go in person or a mail a request to the court address listed on your ticket prior to your appearance date.
  • Once permission is granted, you must complete our course and furnish a copy of your certificate of completion to the court within 90 days.

Texas Auto Insurance Discounts Offered

Taking an online driver safety course may merit up to a 10 percent discount from certain vehicle insurance companies. This can especially work in your favor if your traffic ticket may have otherwise resulted in a rate increase but taking the course gets you discount on your premium that offsets the cost. Take the following steps:
  • Ask your insurance company if it honors discounts for taking our driving course.
  • Sign up online to take our TEA-approved course.
  • Complete the course and get your certification of completion.
  • Give a copy of your certificate to your insurance company so it can issue the discount
Your discount eligibility remains valid for three years, even if you change insurance carriers.

Your permission request must include the following documentation:

  • Your affidavit form, filled out, signed and notarized
  • A valid driver’s license issued by the state of Texas
  • Copy of your vehicle insurance policy
  • Money for the court fee

Certain circumstances will prevent you from being eligible for taking an online course to have your ticket dismissed. These are:

  • You have a commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • You refuse to admit guilt for the violation is on your ticket
  • Your ticket is for speeding in excess of 25 miles or more above the posted speed limit
  • You took a defensive driving course to dismiss another ticket within the last year. You are only eligible to take a TEA-approved course in lieu of a ticket once every 12 months.

Make Sure to Order a Copy of Your Driving Record when You Take Our Course

Your driving record contains a history of your driving violations, suspensions and related details. It is also required by many Texas courts in order to file for a dismissal of your ticket. The court where you must submit the information will appear on your citation. It is based on where you received the ticket and the specific agency that issued you the ticket. You can request a copy of your Texas driving record when you register to take our course. You must provide the following information:
  • The number on your driver’s license
  • The last four numbers of your Social Security Number
  • Your birth date
  • The audit number provided by the Department of Public Safety
Please note: The driving record you receive will contain a certified list of all your violations and accidents in record. It is known as record Type 3A, which is the Certified Version Type 3 record. This is the version of the record you need to submit for DDC, or the Defensive Driving Course. We will email you a copy of this Type 3A record, also known as the Certified Version Type 3 record, which you must submit, along with the online course certificate of completion, to the court before the deadline.
It's important to become familiar with your states point system since each state varies in its system. Click here to view Texas' DMV Point System and become familiar with their regulations. Also you can download DMV Texas Driver Handbook here.
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