When You Can Reinstate Your Suspended NY License

The two types of NY suspended license situations - indefinite and definite. Definite suspensions give you a clear date with no chance of license reinstatement until this date. Indefinite suspensions involve no pre-determined end date for your suspension and you must pay all fines and take any required defensive driving classes in order to have your New York driver's license reinstated.

How to Reinstate a New York Suspended Driver’s License

Driver's license will be automatically restored by the NY DMV.  This occurs you have served the suspension period and have performed all requirements including paying all fines and fees.

Fees to Reinstate a NY Driver’s License

When your NY license is ready to be reinstated, a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee will need to be paid to regain driving privileges. In addition, a possible civil penalty may be required if your license was suspended under the NY Zero Tolerance Law. The NY DMV will send you a statement indicating the amount due, which can be paid online, via mail, or in person at any New York DMV office. There will be specific instructions on your notice for you to follow. The amount owed depends on the violation and/or the total number of NY drivers license points on your driving record.

New York Traffic School

Drivers with a New York suspended license can take an approved NY defensive driving course to reduce points and regain their driving privilege. Taking a defensive driving course can also help reduce your auto insurance rates.