Navigating the complex world of Georgia’s point system, or GA license points, can be overwhelming, but staying informed about your driving record is crucial. Don’t worry. We’re here to help! This comprehensive guide discusses the ins and outs of the Georgia point system, license suspension and reinstatement, point reduction methods, insurance implications, and how to check your driving record. By understanding the GA license points system, you’ll be ready to make informed decisions and maintain a clean driving record.

Key Takeaways

  • Georgia Point System monitors traffic violations, with points assessed depending on the infraction.
  • Accumulating points can lead to suspension of driving privileges, and completion of the suspension period will reset them to zero.
  • Taking a certified Defensive Driving Course in Georgia can reduce points on your license and lower insurance rates.

Understanding the Georgia Point System

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In Georgia, the Department of Driver Services (DDS) employs a point system to manage traffic violations, with infractions attracting between one and six points. If you amass excessive points on your license within a 24-month, you risk license suspension. That’s why it’s so important to understand the GA license point system. No one wants to deal with a license suspension’s hassle and life disruption.

Traffic Violations and Points

Many drivers wonder how many points they can accumulate before facing severe consequences. Points are assigned based on the severity of the offense, which can range from 0 to 6 points. For example, violating the Hands-Free Driving Law results in one point, while a more serious offense like reckless driving or aggressive driving can incur four points. Younger drivers face stricter consequences, as drivers under 18 who accumulate four or more points in 12 months are subject to a six-month license suspension.

Drivers under 21 can also face a hard suspension for offenses like speeding 24 mph over the limit or unlawfully passing a school bus.

In addition to these standard point assignments, Georgia’s “Super Speeder” law imposes increased penalties for drivers caught speeding at 75 mph or faster on a two-lane road or 85 mph on any road or highway, both exceeding the respective speed limit. A nolo contendere plea to a moving traffic violation, such as improper passing, can help avoid points accumulation. However, you can only use this plea once in five years. Failing to pay a “Super Speeder” fine within the designated timeframe may result in license suspension and additional fees.

Accumulating Points

Accumulating 15 points within 24 months will suspend your driving privileges, with your license being reinstated only after paying all fines and associated fees. Upon completion of the suspension period, your point total will be reset to zero by the Georgia DDS.
Remember that not paying a “Super Speeder” fee within 120 days of official notification may also cause a license suspension.

License Suspension and Reinstatement in Georgia

License suspension in Georgia implies temporarily revoking your driving privileges for a predetermined period due to an overaccumulation of points or non-payment of fines.
Suspension and reinstatement conditions hinge on the driver’s age and the number of points incurred.

Suspension Thresholds

For drivers of legal age (21 and older), accumulating 15 points within 24 months will result in license suspension. Drivers under 21 face a lower threshold and will have their license privileges revoked after earning four points within 12 months.

Moreover, drivers under 21 can have their license suspended for a single 4-point offense.

Reinstating Your License

License reinstatement in Georgia requires completing the suspension period and paying any relevant fees. A reinstatement fee of $210 applies to first or second-point suspensions.
If you face a third-point suspension within five years, you’re looking at a two-year license suspension. If you’ve received a 2-year suspension, reinstatement is more complicated. You’ll have to fulfill certain conditions like paying fines and completing traffic school courses.

Reducing Points on Your Georgia License

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You can reduce points on your Georgia license through several avenues, including defensive driving courses and other point-reduction options.

Completing an approved Driver Improvement or Defensive Driving course and presenting the original certificate of completion to the Department of Driver Services can reduce the number of points on your license by up to seven points within five years.

Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive driving courses in Georgia are state-mandated and can help remove points from your license while potentially reducing insurance rates. Completing a 6-hour certified Driver Improvement (defensive driving) course, such as an online driving safety course, and submitting the certificate of completion to the DDS can deduct up to 7 points from your driving record once every five years.

Simply put, if you’re looking to reduce points on your license, a GA DDS-Approved

Other Options for Point Reduction

In certain circumstances, you may be eligible to receive a 20% reduction of your fine and avoid points on your driving record by completing a certified driving course; however, this option does not apply to the $200 “Super Speeder” fee.

Other point reduction opportunities include paying fines or taking a defensive driving course within one year of the violation date. Remember that the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) allows for a points reduction request once every five years for up to seven points on your license.

Insurance Implications of GA License Points

An unhappy driver is stressed looking at the insurance implications of his GA license points on his monthly bill.
Having points on your Georgia license can lead to higher insurance rates and potential difficulty securing coverage. Auto insurance companies can access the number of points on your license, directly impacting your insurance rates.

For example, if you have more than three points on your license, you may be considered a higher-risk driver, increasing your monthly insurance bill.

Insurance Rate Increases

Insurance rate increases in Georgia are often proportional to the number of points on your license, with more points leading to higher premiums. Although the precise correlation between points and premiums may vary by company, the general rule is the more points you have, the higher your premiums will be.

Tips for Minimizing Insurance Impact

To minimize the impact of points on your insurance rates, consider taking a defensive driving course to lower the number of points on your license. Maintaining a clean driving record can also help reduce the effect of points on your insurance rates.

Additionally, shopping around for the best insurance rates and comparing various companies can help you find the most cost-effective policy for your needs, reducing the impact of points on your insurance rates.

Checking Your Georgia Driving Record

Maintaining updated knowledge about your Georgia driving record is vital for ensuring its accuracy and keeping tabs on your license status. You can access your driving record online through the DMV’s website or request a certified copy for a nominal fee.

Regular reviews of your driving record are vital to ensuring the accuracy of all information.

Online Access

To access your Georgia driving record online, visit the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) website and follow the instructions. Your driving record will contain your name, address, Georgia driver’s license number, license status, points, and any infractions or violations.
Comprehending the implications of points and infractions recorded on your driving history aids in preparing for potential license suspensions and exploring options for point reduction, like defensive driving courses.

Requesting a Certified Copy

If you need an official document for legal or employment purposes, you can request a certified copy of your Georgia driving record for a small fee. To obtain a certified copy, visit the Georgia DDS website and order your driving record online. The certified record will then be mailed to you.

Remember that points linger on your driving record for a maximum of two years, underscoring the need to frequently check your driving history for accuracy and to stay up-to-date with your license status.


Understanding the Georgia point system and its implications is crucial for maintaining a clean driving record and avoiding license suspension. By staying informed about your driving record, exploring point reduction options like defensive driving courses, and being aware of the insurance implications of points on your license, you can confidently make informed decisions and navigate the complex world of Georgia’s driving regulations.

Stay proactive, take advantage of point-reduction opportunities like a defensive driving course if you’re eligible, and maintain a clean driving record. Remember, staying informed and responsible on the road helps you avoid penalties and contributes to safer roads for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many points can you have on your license in Georgia?

In Georgia, you are allowed 15 points on your license within 24 months before it gets suspended. If you commit certain serious driving violations, your license may be suspended sooner than that. You may also request that the Department of Driver Services reduce the number of points assessed against your license.

How long do points stay on your license in Georgia?

Points remain on your license in Georgia for two years from the date each point was added. This means some points may come off sooner than others, depending on when they were received.

What do 4 points on your license mean in GA?Do 2 points affect your insurance in GA?

Yes, two points will significantly increase your car insurance premiums in Georgia. Depending on the state, insurance company, and violation, costs can increase by up to 100%.

How do I find out how many points I have on my driving record in GA?

To find out how many points you have on your driving record in Georgia, go to the Department of Driver Services website and order a copy for $6 ($8 for a seven-year copy). You must establish a secure account with the DDS before ordering.