Everyone knows the cost of living in New York is higher than it is in a lot of places. With the economy still struggling people are looking for new ways they can save a few dollars, but not many of them know they should be looking at their automobile insurance premiums.

That’s right. If you’re a safe driver and you have been paying your insurance premiums on time every month the chances are you can get a lower rate on your insurance policy right away. And if your current automobile insurance provider won’t give you a lower rate, some other carrier likely will.

Negotiating a lower automobile insurance rate is not difficult. It is a relatively stress free endeavor that can wind up saving you hundreds of dollars every year, just by making a few phone calls.

Start by contacting your current automobile insurance provider and asking them if they can offer you a better deal on your current policy. Yes, it’s that easy. In many cases drivers qualify for a lower rate but the insurance carrier won’t offer it to them unless they call and ask for it. If you’ve been a safe driver, avoided citations and crashes, then you probably already qualify for a lower rate for your current insurance provider.

But don’t stop there. Once they offer a you a lower say “thank you” hang up, and start calling some of their competitors.

We your new promised rate in hand you are already ahead of the game so why not take full advantage of it. You can call other insurance providers, give them the quote you received from your current insurance provider and details about your policy, and ask them to beat it. Just to get your business many insurance providers will automatically offer you a better deal on your insurance needs. This is great for you in two ways: It will lower rate and give you leverage to call your current insurer back and negotiate an even lower rate.

That’s right, call your current provider back and tell them you got an even better quote from someone else and see if they will beat it. You’d be surprised how anxious they will be to keep your business. The best part is you can keep doing this until someone finally says “no.” Then you just take the best policy at the lowest rate, and voila!, you’ve saved yourself some serious dough. Just for being a safe driver.

Image: scottchan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net