When comedy traffic school first arrived on the scene some 20 years ago, there were doubters. There were those who thought something as serious as a defensive driving course and improving driving skills should not be combined with comedy. The reality is that humor makes the material much more interesting, increasing retention and improving the long term effects of the course to students. The doubters have been proven wrong and comedy traffic school is as popular as ever.

Comedy traffic school makes what could be an otherwise boring experience much more entertaining. Humor aside, there is some serious value to comedy traffic school.

Potential to save on your insurance. Some insurance companies will offer discounts for clients who have successfully taken a defensive driving course, including comedy traffic school. These discounts can more than pay for the costs of the course itself, resulting in some serious savings. You’ll want to contact your insurance agent to see if you would qualify.

Improve driving skills and awareness. Taking an online comedy traffic school (a.k.a. defensive driving course) can improve driving skills. It can remind even seasoned drivers of important defensive driving techniques that may have been long forgotten. When you take our online course, you will be reminded of the many hazardous that can seemingly come out of nowhere at any time while driving. You will be reminded why it is so critical to keep your attention on the road and your surroundings.

Reduce or minimize points on a driver’s license. Depending on the state you live and the traffic offense involved, completing an online traffic school course may help you avoid getting points added to your license. In some minor traffic offenses, citations can be easily mitigated with the completion of an online course. This is a serious benefit that can also save you on your insurance.

Gets teens drivers off to a good start. New teen drivers easily get to learn, valuable information that can set the tone for their entire driving career. We stress the dangers of distracted driving and provide accurate information for the driving rules and regulations for their particular state in our driver's ed courses.

The course is easy to take and manage. Our online comedy traffic school is simple to take from any computer or mobile device. You take the course as your schedule permits. You can start and stop as you choose and pick right back up again as time allows. This is a serious advantage over in-class courses with a rigid schedule.

You can get your certificate in minutes. If you are running short of time to complete your course, it is good to know that after you are done, your certificate of completion can be printed in as little as thirty minutes. This is a terrific benefit when time is of the essence.

Fleet and corporate training programs. Many companies rely on employees who spend a good amount of time behind the wheel. Our comedy traffic school fleet and corporate traffic programs are designed to improve their driving abilities, and perhaps even qualify the company for insurance discounts. Courses are available to address distracted driving, defensive driving, drowsy driving and aggressive driving. Offering fleet and corporate training demonstrates a concern for employees and an interest in keeping them safe while driving on and off the job.

You can make some serious cash. If you have your own blog, website or are active on social media sites, you can make some cash with our affiliate program. By using our banners and by referring visitors, friends and relatives, you can earn commissions when they sign up and complete our online comedy traffic school. Not only will you be helping them become better drivers you will make some extra cash in the process.

Odds are you or someone you know will enjoy their online comedy traffic school experience. It is fun, entertaining and will likely bring a smile or two to your face. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some serious benefits to these affordable courses.

Whether you are in a traffic citation situation that can be helped through an online course, or have a teen driver looking to get their permit, or are just looking for a refresher, we encourage you to learn more about Improv Comedy Traffic School. We have helped millions of students become better prepared for the roads. At Improv Comedy Traffic School we use humor but we deliver some serious benefits.