Corporate and Fleet Defensive Driving Safety Program

Organizations of all kinds should utilize fleet defensive driving safety programs. You may know that highway accidents are the number one cause of death for transport drivers by a large margin, but you may not know that road accidents are the number one cause of death in clerical and professional specialty workers as well. They are also the number two leading cause of death in executives, sales workers, and technicians.

Countless workers use their own vehicles or company vehicles for delivering, selling, repairing, and visiting clients. Every year, $61 billion in wages and benefits are lost for accident victims, which includes on the job and off the job incidents. An extra $4.6 billion is expensed to the employer that loses an employee due to an accident.

Nowadays, those in charge of vehicle fleets are faced with higher insurance rates and increasing liability than in the past. Therefore, fleet risk managing is a very important task for any corporate and/or fleet company. However, the large amount of work means it is difficult to fit in driver's education and safety courses. Our online corporate automobile and fleet driver education and safety course will assist in fulfilling important risk handling, decrease insurance payments, and steer you away from expensive liabilities and fleet repair to limit work days lost.

We have a selection of fleet driver training courses made to develop driving skills, heighten productivity, and make sure the fleet is performing at its full potential. Moreover, we can relieve some of your stress with a fleet management application, which can help you keep track of operations and ensure smooth business goings.

Proven Effective Courses

Our courses have been examined in 2 studies and have been proven effective for limiting violations and accidents. Check out the most taken courses below:

Helpful Fleet Driver Education

When enrolling in one of these courses, you get improved driving and lowered liabilities, and you can even save some money when the drivers take a distracted driving or defensive driving safety course. You will notice:

  • Smaller Insurance premiums.
  • Lowered liabilities.
  • More flexible schedules.
  • Easily implemented methods.

Online courses are perfect for a fleet manager. They allow you to give the important fleet safety training and high-value corporate fleet education while still keeping drivers on the road. Our courses are built for quickness and efficiency, perfect for the busy world of fleet driving.

  • Instead of a classroom, your drivers are out working.
  • Easy scheduling for corporate fleet training.
  • Employees can study in their office or at home on the computer.

Keeping Tabs

Increase output, make operations efficient, and grease the wheels of the company in our easy online courses. Our simple online fleet manager application needs a small time investment that will give you a return on investment quickly.

  • We monitor driver progression.
  • We give out completion certificates after completing the program.
  • Safe identity verifying allows for timed programs.