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Florida Aggressive Driver Course

Florida 8 Hour Traffic School

  • No Hidden Fees, Ever!
  • Court-Ordered
  • 10 Simple Chapters
  • No Final Exam
  • 100% Online
  • Approved by all FL Courts
  • 10 Easy Chapters
  • Certificate within 30 minutes
  • Excellent Customer Support


Florida Seals

Traffic School by Improv Comedy Club

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Florida Court Accepted

This course accepted by FL Courts with order from a judge.

Easiest Muliple-Choice Test Allowed by FL Law

100% Passing Rate - Unlimited attempts to pass final quiz, so failing the course is impossible. Guaranteed to pass - or your money back!

Voted Best Traffic School

Won countless accolades from students and the media, including the "Best Traffic School" designation.

Certificate in 30 Minutes

Shortest course allowed by FL law. Complete at your own pace, all at once or in increments. Once you do, you can easily download your certificate for free in 30 minutes. Get Free Passes to Improv Comedy Club.

7-Day a Week Support

Rain, snow, or shine - our U.S based support team is here 7 days a week ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

Online Florida Traffic School 8-Hour Course

Traffic School by IMPROV™ offers an 8-Hour course for Florida drivers. For anyone who has received a court order, this online school is the best and most convenient way to clear your requirements. A driver who has received two or more citations within a year may need to complete one of the following:

  • 8-Hour Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI)
  • 8-Hour Aggressive Driver Course (ADC)
  • 8-Hour Basic DDS
  • 8-Hour Defensive Driving Course (DDC)

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The Online Advantage

Eight hours of classroom time can be very difficult to schedule. On top of that, many classroom environments are dull and uninspired. The Traffic School by IMPROV™ 8-Hour Course is designed to meet the requirements of the 8-hour course, however since you are reading the material, you can complete it at your own pace. If you are a fast reader you can complete it in less than 8 hours, or you can take as much time as you like. It is completely up to your preference. You can complete the course on your terms, maximizing your chance at success while providing all the conveniences of home. Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Anywhere that has internet can be your classroom. Study in the environment that is best for you.
  • 24/7 availability lets you plan the course around your schedule. Study when you learn best.
  • You set the pace. You can blaze through the whole course in one sitting or you can split it into chunks that are best for your learning.
  • Never lose progress. The auto save means that no matter when or why you stop, you can always pick up from your last point.

Take charge of your learning process and apply this school in the way that is best for you.

Florida Certificate Fulfillment

We designed our 8-hour traffic school to be both fun and comprehensive. We know that your end goal is the certification, so we have streamlined the material to make it as easy to process as possible. We are invested in your success.

The course may or may not last the entire eight hours that are in the name. To make things less dreary, the subjects are broken into pieces including:

  • Florida State traffic laws.
  • How to deal with reckless driving.
  • The most effective methods of defensive driving

With so much material to cover, you might dread the walls of text that are headed your way. That is why we supplement every chapter with interactive graphics and videos to stimulate multiple aspects of learning and prevent the course from becoming cumbersome. Each section finishes with a quiz to make sure you gleaned the important information and better prepare you for the final exam. By Florida law, you will need an 80% or better to get your completion. We will prepare you every step of the way to make sure that goal is attainable.

Certificate in 30 Minutes

Our Florida 8-Hour courses include a free certificate download so that students can print their own certificate within 30 minutes of completing the course! Students can simply log back into their account at least 30 minutes after completing the course, and click on 'Print my Certificate!'

The certificate of completion contains both a 'Court Copy' and a 'Student Copy.'

Support Seven Days a Week

Traffic School by IMPROV™ is committed to your success. That is why our expert customer support agents are available seven days a week. We refuse to let technical difficulties, procedural problems or any questions you have keep you from getting that certificate. Available by phone, live chat and email, our agents are determined to respond quickly with any and every help that you need.

Have you received two traffic tickets in Florida within the last 12 months? Have you been ordered by a Florida Judge to complete an 8-Hour Driver Improvement Class? If so, this information will help you better understand how to meet your full legal obligation and retain your license and driving privilege.

Who can take the Florida 8-Hour Traffic School Course?

You are eligible to take the Intermediate Driver Improvement Course if any of the following apply:

  • You received a ticket for a non-criminal, minor violation.
  • You received a court order to take a 4-hour traffic course.
  • You were at fault in a collision that resulted in personal injury.
  • You have had 2 or more motor vehicle accidents in a given year.
  • You have chosen a voluntary course for insurance benefits.

How do I fulfill a court-mandated Florida Traffic School requirement?

1. Receive notification from the court of your traffic school requirement.
You will be notified if you must attend an additional driver improvement course above the 4-hour course. You may be required to appear in court by the date on your citation, or you may receive instructions by mail.

2. Enroll in and successfully complete your 8-hour traffic school course.

3. Submit your certificate of completion to the court before the specified deadline.
Submission requirements may vary between courts. Check with your court to confirm whether submission is via fax, mail, or in-person. You must complete the course and submit proof of completion within the specified time frame, or you may still have points added to your record. Palm Beach, Miami/Dade, and Broward Counties will allow us to submit your certificate of completion on your behalf so that you won't have to do a thing once you are done.

4. Confirm point removal from your record.
While the violation will remain on your record, the points associated with the violation should be removed.

FAQs for Florida 8-hour Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI) COURSE (also for 8-hour Aggressive Driver Course (ADC))

Q: Can I go back to the course material while Iā€™m taking the final?

A: Yes - it is an open book quiz and you can review the course material while taking the VERY EASY MULTIPLE-CHOICE questions-final

Q: Can I fail the course?

A: No, you cannot fail the course! You are guarenteed to pass! Although you need to answer 32 correct answers in order to pass, you have unlimited free re-takes of the quiz.

*In our over 20 years of offering this course, we have yet to meet someone who hasn't passed.

Q: What is citation due date?

A: The citation due date is set by the court ā€“ it is the date in which you need to submit the proof of completion certificate to the court.

Q: Is this course hard?

This course is designed for you to pass. Our IMPROV™ writers have made the material easy to follow and fun to read.

Q: Are you approved by FL Courts?

A: Since this is a court-ordered course, if a student has received approval/orders from the court, then they are eligible to take the course.

Q: How long does it take to receive the Certificate of Completion?

A: The Certificate of Completion can be downloaded from your account within 30 minutes of passing the final quiz. Since it is a .pdf document, you can print it to take to the court clerk, or save it to your computer and email it if your court allows that.

Q: How long is the course?

A: The Florida 8-Hour course is designed to take eight hours to complete. However, since you are reading the material, you can complete it at your own pace. If you are a fast reader you can complete it in less than 8 hours, or you can take as much time as you like. It is completely up to your preference.

Q: Do I have to do the entire course all at once?

A: The online course can be taken at your own pace. You can log out and return at your convenience as long as the course is completed by your deadline or due date. The system will record your progress through the course and keep track of the time spent in the course material.

Q: What is the difference between the 8-HOUR Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI) COURSE, 8-hour Aggressive Driver Course (ADC)?

A:The course is the same no matter which reason is selected, however the 8-hour IDI course is for someone who has already taken the 4-hour BDI course within the past 12 months and still wants to prevent points from appearing on their driving record. In this situation, a Judge may allow the person to take an 8-Hour Intermediate Driver Improvement Course.

The 8-hour ADC course is for someone who is complying with a court order to take the course (usually as part of a sentencing judgment) and is usually ordered for the individual who has received several traffic violations in a short period of time, or been identified by law enforcement as an aggressive driver or a habitual traffic offender.

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