Stop sign tickets are some of the most common traffic tickets drivers face in the state of California. The cost of California traffic tickets including stop sign violations has increased dramatically over the last decade, from the average cost of $130 to now over $230. These traffic tickets in California also include points on your DMV driving record. This DMV point will potentially increase your insurance rates for the next 3-5 years.

What does a stop sign ticket cost?

Below are the fines and penalties associated with a stop sign ticket and running or rolling through a stop sign.
  1. Base fine: A ticket fine of $35 for running or rolling through a stop sign

  2. Penalty assessments & fees: $203

  3. Total cost for running a stop sign: $238

  4. Points on your CA drivers license (1 point)

  5. 10% increase in insurance premiums

  6. A misdemeanor charge of Failure to Appear if the ticket is ignored

What is a stop sign ticket?

CVC 22450 defines a stop sign violation as the following:
  1. If marked, failing to stop at a limit line while approaching a stop sign at the entrance to, or within, an intersection at a limit line

  2. If not marked, failing to stop before entering the crosswalk on the near side of the intersection while approaching a stop sign at the entrance to, or within, an intersection

How is the cost of a stop sign ticket calculated?

In addition to the base fine of $35 for running a stop sign, motorists may also be charged court fees, state and county penalty assessments, and conviction assessments.
  1. Base Fine: $35

  2. Penalty Assessments (PA): $120

    • State PA: $40

    • County PA: $28

    • Emergency Medical Services PA: $8

    • DNA Fund PA: $20

    • Court Facilities PA: $20

    • Emergency Medical Air Transportation PA: $4

  3. Court Fees & Surcharges: $83

    • State Surcharge (20% of Base Fine): $7

    • Court Operations Fee: $40

    • Criminal Conviction Fee: $35

    • Night Court Fee: $1

  4. Total for Stop Sign Ticket: $238.00

How can I lower the cost of a stop sign ticket?

If you're looking to reduce the expense of a stop sign ticket, enroll in online traffic school. MyImprov traffic school online provides California drivers the chance to learn effective, safer driving practices and has the potential to reduce points on your driving record. For decades our mix of high-quality traffic school online courses have helped thousands, and provided smiles for just as many!