Pay Ticket - Plead Guilty or No Contest

The potential outcomes in doing so are:
  •  Pay the fine
  • Pay fine and go to traffic school
  • Provide proof of correction for a ticket for a Correctable ticket (ex. fix-it ticket or proof of registration)
  • Have points on your driving record
  • Receive a possible increase in auto insurance rates

Fight Ticket

The potential outcomes in doing so are:
  • A trial with a judicial officer
  • A trial through the postal service, or what is known as a trial using a declaration in written form
  • Choose to represent yourself in court or hire a lawyer
  • Give up the option to plea for reduced charges
  • No penalties, if found guilty, but you will have to pay some fees

Fighting Your Citation

Fighting for an innocent ruling regarding your citation means that you plan to contest it. After entering an innocent plea, the court will issue a trial date and time. Then, the Court will request that you pay the ticket fine. If you win, all charges will be dropped and the court will give back your money. This aspect of fighting your ticket is perhaps the most crucial. You want to make sure you know what you are doing here.If you feel that you are at fault, you will give up any sort of trial aspirations. This means you have agreed to pay the fine, and, depending on the violation, enroll in a court approved traffic school. Look at the How to Pay a Ticket section of the About Traffic Dismissal page for more information.

Responding Before the Appearance Date

Failing to respond to the court before the admittance Date posted on your citation and/or courtesy notice can have the following consequences:
  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • A hold placed on your vehicle registration
  • An assessment added to the bail
  • A warrant put out for your arrest
  • You may be tried in your absence and the case could go to an agency
California Traffic Ticket