DMV Practice Permit Test

What You Need to Know About the DMV Practice Permit Test

One of the most important rites of passage for a teenager is getting their learner's permit so they can start driving. All that stands between you and independence and freedom is your state's DMV practice permit test. Think this is an easy hurdle that needs no preparation? Think again. Over 70% of people who take a DMV practice permit test fail proving that it's no easy task. To give yourself the best odds of driving yourself home, take our DMV practice permit test today. Remember — The Only Thing Standing Between You and Getting Behind the Wheel is a Passing Score

Move Closer to Getting Behind the Wheel With a Free Practice Test

The DMV practice permit test is designed to be tricky. Even seasoned drivers have trouble passing. No matter how well you think you know the material, the only way to ensure your success is to practice, practice, practice. Our sample DMV practice permit tests our designed to mirror the real thing as closely as possible. One of the first things you'll notice is how similar some of the answers to each question are even though only one is right. This is exactly what makes it so hard to pass, and our practice test will help give you a better understanding of how to approach these questions so you have an edge when it's time to take the test for real. Take our practice test and compare your results to your state's requirements. If you fall short or just barely squeak through, keep studying the DMV drivers manual and keep doing practice questions until you can comfortably get a passing score. That way, when you take the actual test, you'll know you passed before you even start.

How to Be Ready for Your Drivers' Permit Test

Getting a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) drivers' permit is an important event in your life. Drivers' permit tests are intimidating, particularly for young people. Properly preparing for the test eliminates much of the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding this important test.
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
Too many people fail to prepare sufficiently for their driver permit test, even though it critical to a successful future. Many candidates think they already know how to drive and don't need to learn the details of local driving laws and regulations. Some people are just poor "test takers," because of their extreme nervousness. If you really want to be among the only one of three testers who pass the first time, listen up. We'll teach you how to prepare properly and help you nail the test on your first try.
The Drivers' Manual
Reading and learning the contents of your state's driver permit manual is your first hurdle. There will be many questions that are verbatim right out of this manual. States do this to verify that you've read and understand the manual's contents. Read the questions carefully, as some will be "trick" questions even those with seemingly identical language. Particularly not questions that contain "never" or "always," as they may reverse the statements of regulations included in the manual
Don't Cram for the Test
Begin your manual reading early. Do not wait for the famous "night before cram." Ideal time periods are a week or two of review in advance of the test date. Cramming for a permit test may only confuse you. You'll have particular problems with any "trick" questions. You may have stuffed the basic information in your brain, but it can quickly become jumbled when reading more thoughtful questions. Reading and learning the drivers' manual long before test date, allows you to process and understand the information. If you're a compulsive note taker, do so, summarizing the chapter you just read.
Learn How Your Test Is Formatted
If possible, find out how your state formats its driver permit test. Is it multiple choice, fill in the blanks or do they want freehand, essay type answers? Most tests are multiple choice, but often with questions having at least two choices that are very similar. Make up your own tests and practice, practice and practice some more. You'll become quite comfortable with many questions (and correct answers) that you will probably face on the real permit test.
Read All Questions Carefully - Word by Word

Read test questions once; then re-read them. The most common source of wrong answers is a misunderstanding of the question. Be sure you understand the question before choosing your answer. While most questions will be straightforward and clear, correct answers depend on your accurate understanding of the question itself. Do not merely glance at questions, picking out key words only. Read and re-read all questions carefully.
What About Guesses?
You're better off skipping questions for which you have no knowledge of the correct answer. Move on and go back to these questions later. Your goal is to finish the test in the time allotted with the fewest number of wrong or blank answers. However, be aware, that is you need to guess more than a few times, you have not prepared effectively for the permit test. These exams typically are brief and relatively easy to ace IF you take the time to prepare in advance.
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