You decided to take a FL Traffic School instead of getting points on your driving record from that ticket you got. It’s the responsible thing to do, but you are still dreading having to read, learn and take tests. No matter how old or how young one may be, they definitely dread taking exams… Don’t panic! Florida traffic schools and the 4-hour BDI course were designed to be pass-only! Just follow these simple steps, and you can get back to driving normally, without those voices in the back of your head constantly nagging you to take care of your traffic ticket!

Start Your Florida Traffic School Course Now

Step 1. Stop Procrastinating, Sign Up Already!

Getting started is the hardest part. Just do it. Find a traffic school via the FL HSMV approved list on their website for the best classroom and online traffic schools available. Make a phone call or click on a link and you are seconds away from registering for the course.

Step 2. “Take” the Course

You have two choices for taking the FL traffic school course: classroom or online. After comparing the benefits of each for your particular situation and needs, the choice will be easy.


If you decide to take the FL BDI course in a classroom to take care of your FL traffic ticket, then you will have to set a day aside to go to a location for the class. The course may be 4-5 hours: 4 hours of instruction and 30-60 minutes for break time. If you want to get out of the house to experience traffic school among other traffic offenders and a well-dressed to not-so-well-dressed instructor, this is the course for you.


For those of you who’d prefer to take the traffic course in the convenience of your own home, office or en route via your cell phone, then this is the course for you. Also, instead of spending four-plus hours going over material, you only have to spend a minimum of three hours and 15 minutes in most FL traffic schools online. You will however, need to focus on some of the material in order to pass the quiz…

Step 2A. MOST IMPORTANT STEP: What to Focus On

Do not spend any time worrying about the final. As long as you pay attention to certain details in the course, you will be fine. Make sure you are focusing on all information throughout the course which:
  • Has bullet points next to it
  • Is a statistic
  • Is in BOLD
  • Is in italics
  • Is followed by the words, “Let’s Review” or similar phrase
What to do with this data? Copy and paste it! Keep it handy for Step 3.

Step 3. Take the Final

Relax. This final is NOT like the ones you took in college, or high school. It IS similar to the ones you may have experienced in elementary school. Most of the answers to the questions are common sense. For example, here is one of the questions you may find in the final: Road Rage is an emotional state of anger or hostility? True or False? Without reading the required material, your common sense should be telling you that the answer is true. EVEN if you answered, “False,” above – do not worry! Remember the data that you copy and pasted from the course? The answer will be THERE, right in front of you while you take the final. It’s like cheating, but it’s not. You will be able to have a copy of the course material in front of you while you take the exam. You can either: • Print Material • Open it in a Word Document • Open it in a PDF File • Open it from a smart phone or other device You can also “Google” the questions on a different tab while taking the final.

Step 4. Victory Dance

You will be so relieved once you finish and pass the FL traffic school course you will likely want to celebrate with a victory dance. This is highly encouraged as well as deemed, “safe” by the FL HSMV. Let loose! Traffic school is over!
A happy young woman does a very happy dance against a gray background