If you drive over the speed limit, you run the risk of getting pulled over for speeding. When you are pulled over, the police officer has the discretion to issue you a warning or write you a ticket. If you were one of the unlucky ones who received a ticket, you may find yourself wondering how much a New Jersey speeding ticket will cost you. The fine associated with the speeding ticket is not the only expense you will incur because of the ticket. You may decide to participate in traffic school if you are eligible or you may take allow the ticket to hit your driving record and have surcharges issued by the state for poor driving. Here are a few of the ways that a New Jersey speeding ticket can cost you and the expenses associated with the ticket.

The Cost of the Speeding Ticket Itself

If you are caught speeding, the amount you are fined varies based on where you were speeding and how many miles over the speed limit you were going. For a simple speeding violation, one where you are going one to nine miles over the speed limit, your fine will be $85. If you are 15 to 19 miles per hour over the speed limit, the fine increases to $180. And if you are 30 to 39 miles per hour over the speed limit, your fine will be $240 to $260. Additionally, there are factors that increase fines. If you are in a construction zone, in a safe corridor, in a school zone or speeding through a crosswalk, your fines will increase. If you are looking to find out what the exact fine is for your violation, be sure to check out this chart. Also, keep in mind that these are standard fines. If you go to court and appeal the ticket, the judge has the discretion to throw the ticket out or reduce your fine amount.






1 – 9 m.p.h. $85.00 $140.00 2 Points
10 – 14 m.p.h $95.00 $160.00 2 Points
15 – 19 m.p.h. $105.00 $180.00 4 Points
20 – 24 m.p.h. $200.00 $360.00 4 Points
25 – 29 m.p.h. $220.00 $380.00 4 Points
30 – 34 m.p.h. $240.00 $400.00 5 Points
35+ m.p.h. $260.00 $420.00 5 Points

*If you are caught speeding in a work zone, safe corridor, or 65 mph zone, your fine will be doubled!


The state of New Jersey uses a point system. If you are given traffic tickets or involved in car accident, you receive points on your driving record. The number of points you receive for a speeding ticket varies, based on how many miles over the speed limit you were going. You receive two points if you are 1-14 miles per hour over the speed limit, four points if you are 15 to 29 miles per hour over and five points if you are 30 miles per hour over the speed limit or more. If you exceed more than six points in a three year period, the state of New Jersey will issue you a $150 surcharge plus $25 for each additional point. These fines remain in effect yearly until your points drop below six and if you fail to pay, you can lose your license. If you go a year with no infractions, you lose three points, which is the best way to reduce your points.

Traffic School Costs

Another way to reduce the number of points you have on your driving record is to take traffic school or a defensive driving course. In New Jersey, you can take NJ traffic school to remove two points from your record once every five years. Because of this, you may wish to participate in driving school if you have received a speeding ticket. In New Jersey, the lowest price allowed by law for this course is $20. There is no maximum cost allowed by law. Additionally, once you complete one of these courses, insurance companies may reduce your insurance by up to ten percent for two to five years.

If you are pulled over for speeding, research shows that being honest with the cop about why you are speeding, as well as being polite and courteous, are the best ways to avoid a ticket. However, no matter how honest or polite you are, some days a cop has a no-tolerance stance and will issue you a ticket. When this occurs, that speeding ticket will cost you. Learning how much will help you budget so you can pay off the fine and the associated costs.

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