The state of Arizona makes use of several unique methods to nab speeders. Arizona drivers must be aware of stationary traffic cameras, officer radar guns, unmarked police cars and beyond. If you are pulled over for speeding, you will likely receive a fine as well as points on your driving record/license.

It is important to note that specific speeding fines differ by city and county. As an example, someone caught speeding in Flagstaff will not face the same fine as someone who is nabbed speeding in Tucson. Additionally, those who have not been caught speeding in the past will likely face less of a fine than those who have received multiple speeding tickets.

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The table below displays the top 5 counties Arizona drivers get caught speeding in. Traffic school prices differ based on individual court diversion fees. Take a look at the ultimate savings here:

10-14 mph $250 $203.95 – $265.95
15-19 m.p.h. $300 $203.95 – $265.95
20+ mph $350-$450 $203.95 – $265.95
Traffic Camera $165-$200 $203.95 – $265.95
10-14 mph $250 $103.95 – $253.95
15-19 m.p.h. $300 $103.95 – $253.95
20+ mph $350-$450 $103.95 – $253.95
Traffic Camera $165-$200 $103.95 – $253.95
10-14 mph $250 $103.95 – $228.95
15-19 m.p.h. $300 $103.95 – $228.95
20+ mph $350-$450 $103.95 – $228.95
Traffic Camera $165-$200 $103.95 – $228.95
10-14 mph $250 $103.95 – $233.95
15-19 m.p.h. $300 $103.95 – $233.95
20+ mph $350-$450 $103.95 – $233.95
Traffic Camera $165-$200 $103.95 – $233.95
10-14 mph $250 $103.95 – $233.95
15-19 m.p.h. $300 $103.95 – $233.95
20+ mph $350-$450 $103.95 – $233.95
Traffic Camera $165-$200 $103.95 – $233.95

For complete list of AZ Court Diversion Fees: Click Here

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Police officers are required to follow nuanced guidelines when determining the value of a speeding ticket. However, in some instances, the officer will consider the driver’s level of resistance/compliance when determining the cost of the speeding ticket. In other instances, the officer will follow the specific formula that determines the cost of a speeding ticket. If it is determined that you were driving more than 10 miles per hour beyond the speed limit, the financial penalty for your ticket will rise quite dramatically.

A speeding ticket for driving 10 miles per hour beyond the speed limit runs $250. This cost increases $50 for every 5 miles per hour beyond 10 miles per hour above the speed limit.

A speeding ticket for driving 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit can be increased by $200 more than the initial $250 fee. Driving at such a fast rate of speed can also result in the suspension of the driver’s license. It is even possible for the license to be revoked when the traffic stop occurs.

The amount of the speeding ticket can be changed according to whether the driver was nabbed speeding by one of the state’s stationary traffic cameras. This style of speeding ticket is sent through the mail. It requires the driver to pay a set cost of $165 along with an additional $30 in fees and surcharges.

Show Traffic School the Money – It’s CHEAPER!

It is usually less expensive to take and pay for AZ defensive driving course, not have any points added to your driving record and avoid having your insurance rates up than to pay your ticket, have points added to your record and have your auto rates increase dramatically.

Eligibility and More

Arizona allows residents to enroll in traffic school once every 12 months. When you take the course, it will only dismiss one traffic related offense. Be sure to look up fines and points for all violations (if you received more than one) before you tell the Traffic School which offense you want the school to dismiss.

Top violations:
Speeding: 3 points
Running a red light or stop sign: 4 points
Failure to yield: 4 points

Criminal Speeding

Speeding at an excessive rate, known as “criminal speeding”, can result in upwards of 30 days in jail and a $500 fine. Additional penalties for criminal speeding include paying to have the vehicle retrieved from the space it was towed to. Criminal speeding occurs when a driver goes 85 miles per hour or more anywhere in Arizona. A driver exceeding 35 miles per hour near a school crossing can also be found guilty of criminal speeding.

A driver who exceeds the posted speed limit by 20 miles per hour in a residential or business area can also be found guilty of criminal driving. If no speed is posted in a residential or business area, one driving 45 miles per hour or more beyond the speed limit will face the possibility of a criminal speeding charge. Aside from fines and possible jail time, such a charge can also impact one’s ability to legally operate a motor vehicle.