No one wants to get caught breaking a traffic law and while the best practice is to always stick to the rules, it is
good to know where to slow down and take extra precaution in Arizona. The key to making sure that you do not get a
speeding ticket is knowing the speed limit when you are driving and paying attention to the road signs that indicate
this. However, it is also helpful to know where speeding cameras, as well as red light and right turn cameras, are

How You Can Get a Ticket in AZ

Not only can you get a ticket from the police officers that are monitoring the road, but you can also get one from the
cameras that are set up in various areas in Arizona. There are traffic cameras set up to not only monitor speeding but
also take a picture of a vehicle that runs a red light, doesn’t stop fully at stop signs, and other traffic violations.
Because of this, you need to know where to look for these traffic cameras, so you can make sure that you follow all the
rules of the road at all times.

Often, you will find that these traffic cameras are set up on the corners of major intersections. There may or may not
be signs that indicate the use of these cameras and if you do not take the time to look for them, you may not even know
they are there.

There are also various types of cameras such as red-light cameras, which are usually the ones found at intersections,
traffic cameras, which can be used to catch all kinds of violations at intersections, and speed cameras which can be
found at intersections but may also be found on the main interstates and highways in the area. These cameras are
designed to not only detect when you are breaking the law while driving but will also take a picture of you and your
license plate. If you are found to be in violation, you will have the ticket sent to the address where the vehicle is

To see a map of where some of these cameras are placed

Your Options If You Get a Ticket

If you are caught breaking the law and end up with a traffic ticket, you basically have two options: pay the ticket and
have points go on your driving record or take an AZ traffic school course instead of paying the ticket and have NO
points go on your record.

One great option that you have in this case is to take an online defensive driving course. You will be able to take the
four-hour course within the comforts of your own home, as well as take breaks as often as you like. The school will be
responsible for reporting your completion to the court as well as paying them your court diversion fee and state fees.

If you opt to just pay the ticket, your auto insurance will definitely go up. Taking a course through IMPROV®
AZ defensive driving school will keep your record
clean and your car insurance low. They also keep the material light and enjoyable so that you have a little bit of
fun while learning how to drive better… and keeping those points off your record.