You may register your Indiana vehicle online or, if you are prepared for some heavy foot traffic, in person. You have to bring your title information, Indiana driver’s license, and auto insurance, plus the registration fee. You must take your car to emissions every two years, and if you’re a new IN resident, you must have a VIN inspection done. The state of Indiana requires that a vehicle has to be registered with the Indiana BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles Ofice) in order for it to be street-legal.

Just moved to Indiana?

After moving to Indiana, you have 60 days to turn in registration forms at the IN BMV. However, you have to first get an Indiana title on a car you own. Use the steps below to guide you in registering your vehicle.

How to Register a Car in Indiana

Register Cars Purchased in Dealership When buying from a dealership, the dealer will take care of the title and registering of your vehicle and charge registration fees on top of the car purchase price. Vehicles Purchased Privately When buying a car privately, you have to do all the paperwork on your own. You can do this: • Online. It’s required that you have purchased the car within the past 45 days, and you must have already applied for a title. • In person. This is required when you have purchased your vehicle more than 45 days ago. • It’s also possible to get a title by mail.

Option 1 - Online Vehicle Registration

For registering online, an Indiana title must be tied to the vehicle, and you must register within 45 days of when you bought the vehicle. Once you have applied for a title, visit the myBMV online registration form and either make an account or log into an old one. Be ready to fill in: • Your Indiana driver’s license number. • Your vehicle’s title info. • Registration fee payment (check out "Car Registration Fees" below). If you failed to register within 45 days, you have to go to the local BMV to complete registration of your vehicle. Replacing Registration Online For those who have a my BMV username, you can replace your registration on their website. Have the following information ready: • Information pertaining to title. • Driver’s license number. • $6.25 for the fee to replace registration.

Option 2 - In-Person Registration

If you have bought your car more than 45 days ago, or you have not titled your vehicle, check in at your local BMV with: • Your Indiana driver’s license. • The original title of the vehicle. o If you still haven’t gotten the car titled in your name, you will have to fill out extra paperwork for titling. • Proof of being insured in Indiana. • Registration fee payment. (see “Car Registration Fees”below). Replacing Registration in Person Head over to your local BMV location to replace your vehicle registration in person rather than online. Upon getting there, get ready to present: • The title of your vehicle. • Your Indiana license. • The $6.25 fee for replacing a vehicle’s registration.

Option 3 - Getting Your Title by Mail

In Indiana, you can not register your car by mail, but you may mail in an Application for Certificate of Title (form 44049) when titling from a different state. Once the titling process is complete, the vehicle can then be registered online.

Vehicle Registration Fees

Fees What you pay to register your car will depend on factors such as the type of car, taxes related to the vehicle’s information, and the city in which you live. IN Vehicle Registration Fees IN fees for registering for vehicles are static, and fees for trucks are calculated by how much they weigh. Check out Indiana’s Vehicle Registration Fees table to get a full list of fees you may need to pay. Various Fees when Registering • Plate transfer=$9.75 • Late car registration=$5 • Duplicate registration certificate=$6.25 • Duplicate license plate or sticker=$10.25 • Updating registration info=$6 • Change type of license plate=$10 • Registration Taxes| Excise Tax You must also pay an excise tax when you register a vehicle. These are calculated by using the age and price of vehicle. Take a look at the excise tax charts to see cars and any other vehicle to see excise charges.

Military and Non-Resident IN Registering

military Those in the military register their vehicles using different methods, which varies when considering whether you are: • A resident of Indiana while being stationed there. • A resident of Indiana while being stationed in a different state. • A resident of a different state who is stationed in Indiana.

Non-Resident Stationed in IN

Those who are members of the military stationed in Indiana and not residents of the state need not register their vehicles with the BMV, so long as the vehicles are in good standing in your state of residence. If you eventually claim residence in Indiana, please follow the steps above in the "How to Register a Car in Indiana" section above. You may not even have to pay taxes on your car.

Indiana Residents Who Are Members of Military

If you are an Indiana resident and serve in the military while being stationed in Indiana, you would register your car in the same manner as regular civilians, which is outlined above.

IN Military Members in a Different State

For those who are stationed in a different state, your registration can be done through the online registration at Another option is to speak with the customer contact center at (888) 692-6841 to get assistance with registering from a different state. ATTENTION NON RESIDENT MEMBERS OF MILITARY: Those who are in the military but are not residents of Indiana may be able to get an excise tax exemption when renewing vehicle registration. To determine if the exemption may apply to those who are purchasing a vehicle for the first time in Indiana, please call the Indiana BMV. Surtax/Wheel Tax In some counties, you might have to pay a surtax or wheel tax added to the fee of registering. Surtax can be calculated at either 2% or 10% of the ee, or it could be a fixed rate of $7.50-$25. No matter how the calculations happen, you’re looking at a minimum of $7.50. Wheel tax is figured out by considering the type of car you drive and comparing it to the total weight of the vehicle. This tax will cost $5-$40. Check out Indiana’s surtax and wheel tables by county: • Adams-Laporte • Lawrence-Whitley

Transferring Registration in Indiana

If you want to switch your current license plates from a recently sold vehicle, you are eligible to do that within 31 days of purchasing a new one. This new vehicle must be titled first; usually, titling and registering can be done at the same time. You must also pay a $9.75 plate-transfer fee.

Vehicle Inspections in Indiana

inspection Emissions No inspection is needed prior to you registering a vehicle, but you do need to get your car inspected for emissions on a 2-year recurring basis to keep your vehicle street-legal. VIN Inspections You need to get a VIN inspection for any purchased vehicle that has never been in traffic or been titled in Indiana. Those who are new to the state will need to have this inspection done. A VIN inspection can be done at any Indiana BMV location at no cost but may also be done by a police officer, who may charge a $5 fee.

Getting a Duplicate IN Vehicle Registration

If you find your certificate of registration has been damaged, lost, or anything else, it can be replaced online or at your local BMV.

IN License Plates

licenseplate You will be given your registration stickers and plates after filling out all of the required documents for registering a vehicle in Indiana along with any fees associated. For those who get personalized plates, you will have to get the plates in the mail. If you want to hold onto your license plate and move it to a new vehicle you have purchased, you can then pay the $9.75 plate-transfer fee when switching it.