DMV Practice Tests and Free Permit Written Test

Taking the DMV Drivers License test is a tricky and anxious thing. To help you be prepared and to calm your nerves, we supply a series of rehearsal tests. If you study your State Driver Handbook and take the practice tests, you will be more ready for the types of questions you will be asked on the real test. When you think you're ready to crush the exam, make an appointment with your local DMV office.

The Test is Free

So why not practice? Even experienced drivers taking the test to renew their licenses can get tripped up by the exam. Some rules, laws, situations and guidelines the average driver does not experience everyday. How can you be sure to pass on the first try and win that drivers license you've been dreaming about?

Practice, Practice, Practice

The rehearsal tests are built to help you understand the types of questions you will be asked during the written exam. Some of the questions have answers that are quite similar. The distinction is in the details. This is why the drivers license exam and be so tricky. Typically, you'll need an 80% to pass.

Taking the practice test early will show you areas for improvement. Once you've identified areas in which you need help, do the following:

  • Thoroughly study the DMV Driver's Guide to better understand the laws and rules.
  • Repeatedly test yourself until you feel confident about the rehearsal test and the practice questions.

These two tips will help you become comfortable with the material, accustomed to the type of questions and less nervous about the whole testing procedure. Practice, study and practice some more and you will dominate the DMV Drivers License test on your first try.

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