Take a Free Permit Practice Test to Lower Your Risk of Failing Your DMV Permit Test the First Time

Only 30 percent of candidates pass their DMV permit test on their first attempt. Take our free permit practice tests to get your learner’s permit quicker and more easily. You can take the test without registering! You just need to tell us which state you live in so that we can give you the right permit practice test.

This is what you need to know about our service.

  • It is free, with no strings attached. You get unlimited access to our question sets.
  • Our free permit practice tests give you questions from real DMV tests.
  • The questions test you on your state’s official Driver’s Manual or Handbook.
  • We request no personal information. You do not need to register for the free tests.
  • You receive instant feedback as soon as you finish the practice test to find out which questions you got right and wrong, and why.

DMV Permit Tests

You need to pass a learner’s permit test before you are eligible to get your driver’s license in the U.S. After passing the learner’s test, you must wait for determined period of time, have a certain amount of driving practice under supervision, and finally pass a driving test to earn your driver’s license. Details on how long to wait and how many supervised practice hours you need vary by state.

The learner’s permit test also varies by state. There can be 20 to 50 questions, and a passing grade may be 70 to 90 percent depending on your state. Despite these variations, what is constant is that the failure rate is about 70 percent in all states. Common mistakes when studying are cutting study time short or trying to memorize the 100 or more pages of the DMV manual. Free permit tests can make your study time more efficient.

DMV Permit Test Topics

The same topics are covered in each state’s test. These universal topics include knowledge of following.

Traffic laws and driving skills

  • Passing, turning, signaling
  • Parking, standing, stopping
  • Maneuvering roundabouts
  • Right of way
  • Speed limits and safe speed
  • Vehicle spacing

Road sharing

  • Pedestrians
  • Bicycles
  • Buses, RVs, and commercial vehicles
  • Defensive driving for safety


  • Distracted driving
  • Dangerous conditions, such as fog, ice, and snow
  • Driving in work zones
  • Emergency responses
  • Crashes: brakes, brake failure

Road Signs and Signals

  • Traffic lights
  • Road signs
  • Street and curb markings

Use Free Permit Practice Tests to Prepare for Your DMV Permit Test

With 70 percent of test-takers failing their DMV permit test on the first try, it is obvious that most candidates are not studying properly. They may not know how to study right, may have trouble handling the large amount of facts that they need to know, or may not be ready for the exact types of questions that they will see on the test. A free permit practice test lets you see the kinds of questions that will be on the test. It tells you what you have already mastered and what areas you still need to study. It also gets you accustomed to the specific kinds of questions that will be on the test so that you do not make silly mistakes on test day.

Focus on your state’s driver’s handbook when studying for your learner’s permit test because the material for the questions on the test will come from there. Do not waste time studying the areas that are not relevant to you. For instance, there may be a section on motorcycle riding in your manual, but your test will not cover if it you are not riding a motorcycle. So, don’t bother studying this section.

Take a practice test once you have studied your state’s driver’s handbook. Our free permit practice tests can help you evaluate how your preparation is going. Results are instant, and no registration is necessary.


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