West Virginia Defensive Driving Course
Loved the convenience of taking the course at my own pace! - Theresa D.
This was a great course that was very informative. Everything was explained in a way that was very easy to read and understand. I will definitely recommend this course to others. - Josheb P.
I really enjoyed reading some things that I wasn’t so aware - statistics and put a lot of other things into perspective. I liked how it has some jokes and videos in there, making it easier and pleasant to read all the information. This is great and sure beats going to a class on the weekend. - Iran A.
Because of the ease of an online experience, at home, I was able to relate to the material better. The comedy helped to set the tone. Had absolutely no technology problems with the site. - Katherine C.
I liked the format because it allowed me to go at a comfortable pace in the comfort of my home and I was able to take necessary breaks when I need to. This is BY FAR the best way to take this course. Believe it or not, it has already changed the way I view other drivers and I think my driving will be positively changed because of this course. - Robert R.
This course was much more preferred than sitting in a classroom for hours. It was recommended to me and I will pass along the word! - Cara G.
Excellent course...nice and easy review of rules ...and entertaining! - Catherine R.
I was very pleased that an on-line course was available and it was icing on the cake when I realized how fun and helpful the Improv version is. - Richard L.
I think most drivers should take this course to refresh themselves on their own driving habits. Great course. - Michael C.
This made the course fun and enjoyable. Immediately began using what I learned on the road. - Nicholas S.
Great course, easy to use, and informative. - Talyn C.
Easy and soooo much better than going to an actual driving school course. - Carrie O.
Taking the course always reminds me of proper rules and laws of the road and reminds me to be a good driver at all times. - Jeff A.
This online course was excellent and cheaper than the classroom course. I'll never go back to the classroom one again after using this. - Tracie Z.
I like that you could pick up from anywhere you wanted instead of a classroom where you have to be there the entire time. With this you could take a break or go about your work day and then come back at night to finish this test. It is well done. - Travis S.
One of the best online courses I have taken. - Duncan B.
This course was very easy to use and the support was very helpful. - Nathaniel T.
At first I thought this was going to be a boring class that was hard to follow, but it was the total opposite and you learn so many new and useful things that you would not even think of! - Preeya R.
Really enjoyed this, the breaks throughout the readings were fun. - Jessye B.
I didn't think I would but I got some valuable information and I find myself thinking and making better decisions driving. - John W.
Thought it was pretty well put together course. Made it as interesting as possible for this type of thing. Informational and direct. - Andrew L.
Much more convenient and better than spending a whole day in class. - John S.
Great idea. Many facts hit home, but I enjoyed the side notes and the comedy. - Jennifer D.
I really liked the humor and sarcasm, excellent way to keep the reading fun. - Douglas R.
West Virginia Defensive Driving Course