Receiving a traffic ticket in Oklahoma can come with serious penalties. You should learn about Oklahoma traffic tickets prior to mapping out your course of action. You have choices, but selecting the wrong option can be costly. Review the Oklahoma Driver's Manual for information.

What to Do If You Get a Traffic Ticket in Oklahoma

Be especially polite when stopped by a peace officer in Oklahoma. If he or she even suspects you aren't forthcoming with information, they aren't hesitant to impound your car on the spot. This is not uncommon and can be an unexpected shock if you are an out-of-state driver. Oklahoma functions on a point system. Be aware of it while planning your response to a ticket, and make certain to not overlook the court date, as a warrant will be issued for your incarceration.

Is A Court Appearance Required?

If your citation mandates a court appearance, this will be plainly noted on your ticket, and the officer who stopped you will verbally ensure you realize this. If you are cooperative, chances are good that the officer will remember you at your court appearance, and things might go a lot easier for you with the judge, especially for a non-criminal infraction.

Depending on your driving record and the offense, you may elect to hire a lawyer. For a very minor ticket, you can attempt to research the Oklahoma point system and appear without representation, but this is generally a risk, especially if you currently possess points on your license. Do not play roulette with your future driving privileges by hoping for the best and "winging it" alone in court.

If you elect to combat your Oklahoma traffic ticket and go to court without representation, always call to verify your hearing date, and communicate if you are unable to appear!

If you do elect to hire a lawyer, he or she will clarify the various pleas available and best suited for you.

Your Options

You do have options when it comes to handling traffic tickets in Oklahoma. Below are some choices for you to think over:

Option 1 - Pay Your Ticket

In some situations, especially if you are not up against criminal charges, you may want to pay the ticket and close the issue. For example, if you have knowledge of guilt, and cannot imagine any way to escape a guilty verdict, nor would you want to go through the nuisance, just plead "guilty" on the ticket, and pay the fine via certified mail. Be certain to enclose a self-addressed envelope with a note kindly asking the cashier to return your receipt.

Mail your payment to:
Oklahoma City Court Clerk
Post Office Box 26487
OK City, OK 73126 0487

Option 2 - Plead Not Guilty and Request Trial

If you do not believe that you are guilty, you can plead "not guilty" to the traffic charge. Select the "not guilty" box on the citation and mail in the citation to the court. You'll then be informed of your hearing date. Should you decide to combat the charges, you will need to carefully consider consulting with a traffic lawyer who specializes in Oklahoma traffic tickets. Your case will then heard by a judge. It is always better to have your lawyer plead your case. He or she can save you from points on your driver's license.

If you are found guilty of the charge, you have to pay the fine as well as court costs. You can also still accumulate the points on your license, depending on the judge's decision.

Option 3 - Appeal Your Case

When you receive a traffic ticket in Oklahoma, you may request a hearing to appeal. It is in your best interest to let a lawyer take over in this instance.

Option 4 - Take an Online Defensive Driving Course

A moving violation traffic ticket in Oklahoma will undoubtedly get you points on your license. Several Oklahoma courts offer you the opportunity you to partake in traffic school course to elude the points.

If this is of interest, call the jurisdiction and inquire if online traffic school is a possible option for your situation. Taking an online defensive driving course is not a squander of your time either! It is never a bad inkling to take a refresher class on driving regulations in Oklahoma. This can help you avoid more citations later on. Additionally, avoiding points means cheaper insurance, and you could even get your traffic ticket dismissed completely!