Oklahoma Defensive Driving Course
This course is very entertaining and kept my interest throughout. The classroom courses are more boring especially if you don't have an interesting teacher. I'm glad I found this website. - Barbara P.
This was a great way to take the course. The humor was great, and I like being able to break up the study into segments. - Susan S.
I am thankful to have had taken such a helpful, easy to use, driving course. This course taught me a lot of interesting facts, statistics, and other information that will result in me becoming a better driver. - Maxwell F.
Very helpful and interesting course. - Syed A.
The overall content of the course was very informative. It is material the everyone should be aware of before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. This was a good refresher of what to do and what not to do behind the wheel of a car. I want to thank you for providing me with the on line course and ability to complete it on my schedule. - James H.
I thought the course was very interesting as it had a great sense of humor when teaching the facts and rules of being a careful driver. It was a great learning experience for me. - Linda S.
I thought this was entertaining and I learned a few things I have forgotten and some statistics that were not available years ago. I also enjoyed doing this on the computer as my chair was comfortable and enjoyed the video's. - Earl L.
Much more informative then a classroom setting with boring stories. I was able to concentrate on the items I did not know instead of being lectured items that I already knew. - Thomas M.
I learned a lot of useful material for my future driving experiences that I will put into better use now that I took this course. - Oshea T.
Very entertaining, and I liked being able to take the course at my own pace and broken up (vs. 6 hours straight ugh!). - Stefanie P.
Very good course. Easy to read and comprehend. - William P.
I thought it was a well informative and interesting way of learning from a driving course. - Victor L.
Thank you for such a great presentation. You made the situation fun and I actually looked forward to finishing the course sooner than I expected. - Danita E.
This course was very informative and somewhat comical. I enjoyed the scenarios and I also enjoyed the examples that were given. - Aquilla A.
Thank you Improv Online Traffic School. Your course helped me complete my requirements while adding humor to a relatively dry subject matter. - Lorenso T.
Great course. Will highly recommend to others! - Melody R.
I found the course to be a very good source of information that I did not know. This will definitely make me a better driver. - Carolyn G.
Great program and when you have a problem the customer service staff was very friendly and helpful. - Helena C.
I think you guys did a great job with making traffic school palatable. I also feel like I legitimately learned some facts that make me a better driver. - Shane R.
I loved this option for defensive driving! - Daniel Z.
The course was fun, easy yet very informative; I had a great overall experience. - Sancian C.
Very entertaining, made a boring experience more enjoyable. - Cherie L.
The course will have an impact on my awareness and safety on the road. - James C.
I enjoyed the class, especially the comedian segments. I actually learned more than I thought and was not bored. - Christie F.
Oklahoma Defensive Driving Course