The way you drive can have a huge impact on many different aspects of your life. Not only does accumulating a speeding ticket add points to your license via the NY Point System it also costs you money in the form of fines and court fees. Savvy drivers should know not only how much a New York speeding ticket cost but how they can get tickets and points dismissed by completing New York defensive driving courses.

How Much Tickets Cost

Speeding ticket cost and fees vary in NY, and depend on other fees, called surcharges, that can be added according to the violation type, where the NY speeding ticket was written, and other factors such as current driving record and status. A speeding ticket cost can also vary due to the type of court, city, or county so it is important to check your traffic ticket for the exact amount of the fine and call the clerk of court to check on any additional surcharges or fees.

Civil Penalties and Fines

In addition to the ticket cost, drivers in NY may also be required by the DMV to pay a driver civil penalty. This fine is required for certain traffic offenses and must be paid to restore your driving privileges after a suspension/revocation. The civil penalty is accessed in addition to any other fines for the traffic conviction and is issued to help prevent repeated behavior by the driver and improve safety.

Traffic School Ticket Dismissal

The New York DMV created a program called The Point & Insurance Reduction Program to promote defensive driving habits to lower the number of auto accidents. Drivers in NY are rewarded for completing a New York defensive driver course from an approved New York defensive driving school, that promotes driver awareness and the safest methods for handling a vehicle to reduce accidents. Drivers can enroll in a defensive driver course at a New York defensive driving school to reduce insurance premiums and points on their NY license.