Have you had a DUI related violation that resulted in your New York license being revoked or suspended?  You may still be able to drive legally within the state by obtaining a NY hardship license

What is a Hardship License?

Those who have had their license suspended or revoked can apply for a conditional New York Hardship license that allows them to drive under restricted regulations. There are certain conditions that must be met in order to qualify for this special NY hardship license.

Conditional NY Hardship License

To apply for a conditional New York Hardship License, the revocation must be due to an alcohol or drug-related violation in New York state. The conditional New York Hardship license only allows a driver to commute to and from home, work, and to receive medical care for themselves and the members of their immediate family.

Who is Eligible for a NY Hardship License?

For someone to be eligible for a NY hardship license, they must attend a hardship hearing within three days of arraignment. Additionally, they must prove there are no other licensed drivers in the household. Lastly, there must be proof that there is no easy or affordable access to public transportation. In addition, those with prior DUI convictions within the previous five years are not eligible.

How Do You Get a NY Hardship License?

Once you have attended the hardship hearing and get approval for the conditional license, you must then complete an Impaired Driver Program (IDP) NY defensive driving course that is approved by the state's DMV. Check out the MyImrov NY defensive driving course options