If you want to learn a lot about a car, start with the previous owner of the vehicle. If you have recently completed a defensive driving course you might be wanting to buy a car. You could perform NY number plate lookup for a few reasons. You may need to see the history of your car especially if you would like to sell it. You may also want to find specific entries such as an accident or other data for your own use. The New York state DMV offers a license plate search service. The online service is accessible through their website. You can still use the license place check service to find out if your preferred personalized plate number is available for registration. DMV does not offer license plate lookup for other cars that are not your own. Only licensed police officers can run license plate checks for any vehicle. Therefore, if you are involved in a hit and run accident or other problem and need to check the vehicle information for the car, you’ll need to visit a police station. Other third-party websites offer car registration plates lookup services, but the results may vary, and some sites may not have updated information about car ownership.

NY Plate Lookup Procedure for Personalized Plates

As said earlier, DMV allows NY residents to check the availability of personalized plates. On visiting the DMV site, you will be asked to enter the type of plate you need to search. The license plate could be that of a motorcycle, commercial or a passenger vehicle. Then, you will be required to enter your custom plate combination. The combination is composed of characters, numbers, and letters. The commercial and passenger plates are made of about two to eight characters while motorcycle plates have two to six characters. If the custom plate combination is available for registration, you will be shown a photo of the prospective NY license plate. You can then follow prompts to order the license plate online. The allowed numbers are 0 to 9 and the letters of alphabet between A to Z. You can also include the @ sign and the state map image for the passenger and commercial vehicles. DMV reserves the right to offer personalized number plates. It reviews all the requests and communicates their decision. DMV also allows for lookup and application for special license plates. These are custom license plates that include picture plates, sport team plates, and military license plates. People with disability can also get personalized license plates to be able to pack in reserved parking lots for the disabled. Start by performing custom NY license plate search before making an application.

Your License Plate Lookup Online

The online license plate check tool provides all the information about your vehicle along with its title for free. You will be required to sign in and fill your details when doing the search. The information provided in the NYS plate lookup service includes the following
  • A comprehensive history of your car including the information on maintenance of the vehicle
  • Information whether the car has been involved in an accident in the past
  • Information of any recall of the car that is currently standing

Comprehensive Vehicle Plate Service

In addition to an online number plate search service, the New York DMV offers lots of vehicle plate services online. To access these services, you must be registered with New York DMV. On logging in to your portal, you can do the following
  • Search for New York plates and apply to get them
  • Get information on transferring vehicle ownership to another party
  • Replace damaged, peeling or worn-out plates
  • Perform NY license plate lookup for information and registration status
  • Apply for temporary plates
  • Lookup and ordering of picture and professional custom plates

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