NYC NY Online Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Course NYC

Receiving a traffic ticket is not fun and especially not fun in NYC, New York. If you do receive one, did you know that you can take steps to lessen the monetary damage that comes with it? Even if you received you ticket in other cities in the state than New York, you can take a NYC NY defensive driving online course.

That's right, the NYC NY traffic school by Improv is state approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles in New York and this class can help you reduce your premiums for your auto insurance around 10 percent as well as a possible reduction of 4 points on your license which would be of great help in counteracting a suspended license or having your license revoked.

Enjoyable and Educational

Improv has found a way to mix together entertainment as well as education. This means when you take this course, you will be learning and having fun at the same time. You will be watching videos that are funny not stuffy, reading comic strips, as well as other educational material. Combine all of this together and what do you have? You have the best NYC NY online defensive driving course in the state and it is state approved!

Only Online

The Improv NYC defensive driving course is offered online, but if you prefer attending a classroom course outside of your home, we offer those too. If you are worried about your class credits going to another person, don't. The system has a way to verify who you are and will credit you upon completion of the course. There is no reason to be verified in person anymore when taking the NYC online defensive driving class by Improv. And best of all, there is no exam at the end to study for!

Start Your Online Course Now

Fitting Your Schedule, Not Ours

You can take the course when it is convenient for you. If you want, you can take the course in your pajamas or you can get dressed and pretend you are in a classroom if you miss the classroom that much. The freedom of taking the NYC driving classes when you are able to means no pressure which is more enjoyable. If you want to take the NYC defensive driving class all at once, you can. If your schedule only allows for a few minutes a day, that is also a possible choice for you. When your time is up, just log off and when you are able to resume, log back in and pick up where you left off. Your time will be kept track of to make sure that in the end, you have put in the required amount of time.

Possible Reduction of Insurance Premiums for Everyone in Your Family

How is that possible you ask? Well, as a graduate of the Improv driving school in NYC, you will be rewarded by receiving a 10 percent reduction in your auto insurance for three, yes, three years. This reduction is possible by calculating the base rate from your liability coverage, collision coverage, and no-fault coverage. More good news is that this is significantly multiplied if you have a family. This means that whoever is listed as a principal driver of an automobile in your family on your policy, and they take the NYC NY accident prevention course, they too can receive the 10 percent discount on your insurance rate. This could be huge!

How to Avoid Suspension of Your NY License

Once you have finished the defensive driving course NYC online successfully, your certificate of completion will be sent out to the New York City’s Department of Motor Vehicles who will then take the necessary steps to reduce the points on your driving record. With this process, you will be preventing the suspension of your driver's license or your license being revoked. So, if you already had points on your license, this could be a big help in keeping you mobile. Remember though, you can use the point reduction process only one time every eighteen months once you have successfully completed the online driving school in NYC.