There are different programs that will help you lessen the effect of the ticket you received in New Jersey.The “Driver Improvement Program” or “DIP” is for those who have been driving for a while. Instead of a 30 day suspension, you may take this “DIP” 3-hour course. This information is included in your suspension notice that you would have recieved in the mail. If you’re successful in completing this course, up to 3 points will be credited to your record. The course fee is $150, which could save you a lot in points. The “Probationary Drive Program” or “PDP” is for those who have been issued a driver permit for the first time. With this permit, you are considered a “Probationary Driver” for two years. Now, if you have been convicted of 2 or more moving violations that have a penalty of 4 or more points, you are obligated to enter the “PDP” in the hopes to correct the inappropriate driving customs you have been practicing. The course fee is $150. Once the experienced or probationary driver has completed the course, there will be a warning issued. Keep in mind that if you commit a vehicle infringement within 1 year after you completed the course or if you don’t complete the program that is scheduled for you, your license will be suspended. Defensive driving programs offered by New Jersey state-approved schools can help improve driver skills, and perhaps help save you money on your auto insurance. Contact your specific company to see their particular parameters. The defensive driving program will also let you have 2 points removed from your driving record once every 5 years. New Jersey does NOT dismiss traffic tickets by attending a traffic school.