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The comedy angle to the course made it enjoyable, and made me pay more attention. - Thomas W.

Thank you so much! This was the best driving course I’ve ever taken. The way you present the material really makes it interesting. - Grace R.

Very helpful class when you have small children which can make it difficult to attend a classroom class. - Dianibel Q.

Really enjoyed taking the course. Didn’t expect it to be so much fun and interesting. - Josephine G.

I like it because I could come home from work and just on the internet to do it on my own time. - Josette M.

Easy, fast, and I loved that I could leave and come back. I took a leisurely 4 days to complete it and still passed the test which was AWESOME! I also liked that I could review the chapters. I’m already starting to see people on the road and saying to myself, “Hey mister, that’s not a 3 second gap!” - Rebecca G.

Very good course. I would definitely take it again online. Very informative, and I enjoyed the comedy also. It took away the boredom of having to sit in a classroom. - Jamie B.

Great program. made the course fun and informative. - Samar A.

Great experience. best driving school ever - Vidal R.

This course was very convenient, engaging and interesting. I found there examples to be funny but at the same time they applied to real life situations. The system was very user friendly and I enjoy taking this course. Thank you! - Kostantinos K.

Straightforward, easy-to-use, and a few laughs along the way. Absolutely recommended. - Robert G.

Really appreciate the opportunity to have some fun, learn something and get credit for a mistake. Thank you! - William H.

Easy, catchy, good information, nice website, nice comics and Improv videos, overall excellent experience. I will recommend. - Amelia W.

This defensive driving course is good because I didn’t lose my whole day to a class. If I needed to do something, I just logged out and picked up again when I could. - Joseph B.

Excellent, I believed I learned more than I would have in a classroom. I was able to take a break and come back as I needed between segments. - Linda L.

I’ve been very happy with your traffic school because of the upfront cost and the course itself. I’ve done traffic school in person 2 or 3 times before and I definitely learned more through this online course than I did at any of the other schools. - Michele W.

Very easy and convenient. - Jacqueline S.

It was a very educational and easy class. - Lindsey T.

Very EASY AND FUN. I am more aware than I ever have been. - Amanda D.

Taking each chapter as I have time was an important factor as opposed to an all day class. - Robert M.

I’M going to tell all my friends. I got more out of this online course than any classroom one. This one was much more convenient. Thanks! - Ann B.

I really liked the convenience of taking the course in my own home, taking the time I needed to review important topics and not be bored by a monotonous teacher standing up in front of a classroom. I have done both, and the online course is so much more interesting and engaging. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to take this program. - Cathy M.

It was a really good experience for me and I learned a lot from this course. It also reminded me of things that I had overlooked. - Adriana S.

Really loved the humor and the flexibility of completing it at my own pace. - Janan W.

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