Minnesota Defensive Driving Course
I really appreciate having this available since I am busy and this allowed me to split up my time on it. - Amy Q.
I found this informative, interesting, entertaining and a real important reminder to me about my speeding. - Kim P.
Exceptional, a great course. I definitely will recommend this course to others - Salvatore B.
Been driving for many years and consider myself to be a careful driver already, but I did find many of the statistics interesting. This was a much more convenient method than a classroom - fit in better with my schedule. - Geraldine M.
The course certainly improved my driving and will make me a much better person when operating a vehicle. - Elijah O.
This is a good course, it reminded me of things I should know and forgot over the years of driving. - Harris C.
Great and simple school. It was fun yet educational! - Nicole G.
This course kept the information interesting and important at the same time. Job well done! - Jere F.
OMG, this was awesome, LMAO!!! Some of these statements and cartoons cracked me up so bad in the middle of being serious and reading the important info. I really enjoyed this site, and there were so many to choose from, but this site interested me. A lot of comic relief!! I made a good pick! - Eileen Y.
After the course I am more aware of my driving. As a mother, I am going to be a safer driver from now on. - Maria R.
I thought the course is really well done. The information is laid out well. I learned a lot of interesting facts and statistics that I never realized before. - Jessica Z.
I really enjoyed taking this class I was easier to learn and retain the information. I have recommended it to my friends and family. - Judy Q.
Love this online course. Very user friendly and easy to navigate. I've heard stories from friends of how difficult it was to use other online DD Courses online and after I'd told them about my experience here on MyImprov.com they decided to use this site in the future. Thank you for creating such an awesome site. - Terrell C.
Excellent change to boring classroom courses I had taken in the past! Will recommend to others. - John F.
Enjoyed the course. Really learned a lot and it will affect my driving. - Ruby K.
The course reviewed some things that I had forgotten. It was also entertaining as well. - Christine H.
It was fun and educational. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was an easy, fun, way to refresh my driving skills! - Jennifer C.
Great option over classroom. Easy to use. - Edith K.
Fast and painless way of getting the class finished! - Katlyn G.
The course was entertaining as well as educational. - Shawn N.
Much more fun than the classroom. - Joseph V.
The class was fun and easy to take this is a vary good program that can help a lot of people I will be recommending people to take this class if they need driving school - Guillermo D.
I have learned a lot. I feel better equipped and gave gathered important information. - Helen R.
I am sincerely pleased with the course and would recommend it to any driver. - Christopher G.
Minnesota Defensive Driving Course