The fashion this was offered in was great; so you could complete chapters as time allowed. It fit my schedule well and having the option to stop and begin again was nice. The information was well presented and very informative. A great review after taking driver's education many years ago. Plus it presented all the updated rules and regulations. Overall, it was well done! - Carolyn R.
I found this course to be very informative and it was great doing it on line. I was able to do it at my own pace and on my own time. - Donna F.
It was a very good reminder of some of the things I should be doing and tend to forget about. Thank you. - Charlotte F.
I think the course is well worth taking. It's presented very well. - Kenneth S.
Great concept. The course being offered on-line made all the difference. Going through the chapters at your own pace, as time permitted for you. Wonderful. - Michelle Z.
Overall a good experience, and I'm happy I made this choice. - Erik P.
This driving course will help me become more safe driver. - Sherwin R.
It gave me time to space out different sections so I could learn them efficiently. - Samuel L.
Excellent method for the busy person to achieve the quality training. - Roy S.
Informative but not boring. - Danny S.
I learned a lot of specific details about a lot of other things aside from driving. - Mackenzie R.
Although I was already a safe driver, this course helped me to really be able to be a better and more aware driver. - Andrew M.
I honestly enjoyed the course. It is both informative and humorous. Will recommend to others. Thank you. I learned a lot and was entertained. Excellent! - Diane C.
Its a really nice course interesting, funny and really teaches you a lot of good skills and makes you a better driver thank you so much for all you do to make us think and a better drivers. - Jeffrey A.
Being able to do it at my own speed and time makes it easier, more enjoyable and more likely that I would complete it (and do it again). - Frank J.
The course was very informative and interesting. A great way to make this information easy to absorb. - Christopher D.
This course was very nice. It taught me a lot of things. I think that other people should try this. Young drivers should do this course. - Nevil R.
I find the course very interesting. I think it will help good drivers and bad drivers to be more careful. - Eliana O.
Very informative, very educational for me to operate as a driver on the road. The ADM teaching is very convenient rather than sitting in a classroom. I am very satisfied that I chose this method. It worked for me. - Susan M.
This course never lost sight of the severity of the topic while using humor to get the message across to the participants. Program also very easy to use. - Patricia B.
There was a lot of interesting information! I think everyone should have to take a course like this at least every two years. - Saeed A.
Loved the jokes and funny stories added in, made me stay interested and want to keep going. - Janice P.
A very enjoyable course, as well as, very informative. As a result, I will be more aware of some of my actions on the road. - Robin K.
This course was very informative and convenient! - Elizabeth M.
Massachusetts Defensive Driving Course