Kentucky Defensive Driving Course
I was very nervous at first. I'm the type that needs to be in class to get it but you guys made it much more fun and easy to learn and read through - loved the class and will recommend this online course!! - Carmen M.
I recommend this to anyone that has to take a online traffic school...They are the best, and the support people are really great too! - Elvira R.
I liked this course because I could complete it in sections. I thought it covered everything well. - Howard T.
This was a very straight forward and easy to use site. Also very fun and informative. - Kenneth H.
Interesting facts, I liked the safety section and the DUI information - Andrea A.
I really enjoyed the presentation of this course over that of similar online defensive driving courses. - Angela P.
It was easy to enroll. The info was clear and precise....very easy to understand. I liked that I could set my own pace, on my own time. - Christina H.
It was awesome to get updated about the laws of driving. You don’t realize how much you don’t know or have forgotten until you take a class. My recommendation is that we all at some point refresh our selves with do's and don’ts of driving!! - Christopher W.
This was very informative and presented in a way that held my attention throughout. Thank You. - Shirley B.
Not like any other driving course I've ever taken or heard of. Kept me interested, was very informative, and I didn't get bored. - Christopher H.
The comedy made the class more interesting. Improv did a good job making the class fun while very informative. - Erica S.
Loved being able to do the course in the comfort of my own home. - Constance C.
This was a really good experience. I immediately began applying the things I learned before I had even completed the totality of the course. The comedy was a great part of it all, it made me look forward to finishing each chapter so that I could see what was next! - Christopher B.
I am already noticing that I have started to apply these skills in my every day driving! Made me laugh but at the same time had very, very useful information and I will probably consider taking a love course in the future just to get more information! - Rachel S.
This is an excellent course that would be excellent for all driver to take every two years or more often. I will be a better driver for taking it. - Anthony P.
Never had any issues with completing the course, very easy and hassle free. - Machaila K.
Great way of doing this on my own time, very helpful refresher course. - Nazanin V.
Great course! It was very informative and entertaining!! - Patricia S.
It was very educational and fun. Edutainment indeed! Thank You IMPROV! - Edna S.
I enjoyed the internet based course and would recommend it to others. I especially like the convince of self pacing. - Joanne R.
Improv Traffic school sessions are easy to understand, very useful, informative, and fun. All the sessions are explained in comic style with lots of examples and videos which helps to remember easily and apply them in real time driving scenarios. I would definitely recommend IMPROV to my friends in the future. - Srimannarayana Y.
Very informative. I learned some new stuff. Overall a very good experience and would recommend it to anyone. - Evelyn L.
Enjoyable, educational and pretty funny! - Deborah R.
I really enjoyed the class. It was very convenient and user friendly. - Kelly C.
Kentucky Defensive Driving Course