Fantastic course, wow! Most definitely will always use and will recommend. - Frank P.
Very good -- you made a potentially rather unpleasant experience both enjoyable and convenient. And, yes, I did learn some important things. It was an excellent refresher course and a good reminder of some things that are too easy to forget. - Wayne S.
This course made traffic school practically painless. - Kyle U.
All classes should be this much fun, and I've been driving for 40 years and just learned a few things. - Sandra G.
Very Entertaining, Creative and a good learning experience! - Shana C.
Awesome experience! - Mehmet S.
The humor kept it light and made the course much easier to take. I've never had a driving infraction and am a VERY cautious driver already, but will still make me think more every time I get behind the wheel. - Jessica S.
I actually learned a lot of things that over time had forgotten. This is what I need to remind me of how important be safe really is. Highly recommend this course to everyone, even if someone isn’t required to take it. - David M.
This was convenient to do since I did not have to loose a day of work, and, because of the comedic style of the course, it made it easier to learn and to remember. - Audrey R.
The class was convenient and informative. I recommend this type of course as opposed to the traditional type. - David T.
Superb internet course. Much more detailed and richer with information than class room course. More over it is more convenient. Loved it. - Chandrakant R.
Its not possible to make driver school fun or a good experience, but compared to taking this in a classroom this was great. I loved that I could take the course over several days so that it didn't interfere with my life too much. - Briaca L.
I am actually now paying more attention driving and practicing what I learned in class! Imagine that! - Marlene W.
Great course!!! I will recommend it to all my friends and family. I also wrote down some interesting facts and will share them with them too. - Frank C.
Very easy to use and interesting too! - Lydia M.
I was shocked to find out how much I learned. I thought the presentation was absolutely excellent. I would definitely recommend it to my friends. - Martin O.
I found the course actually very interesting. I learned about things that I thought I already knew. I will definitely keep what I learned (advice and tips) close to heart while I'm driving and pass the info. along to my friends and family for sure. Great study guide for driving. Great course. - Katie R.
The course was very informative and provided a good refresher on the laws of driving, would most highly recommend this course to all who need it! - Nilsa B.
Easy to use, informative, easy to understand and will improve my driving skills. - Cristina D.
Best traffic school ever! Thanks for making it enjoyable and informative! - Joselyn J.
Very convenient for busy people, liked how flexible and portable it was. - Frederick R.
Liked being able to take the course in pieces vs all at once. Much easier to carve out an hour here and there. Have already recommended the course to several friends. - Marlyne W.
Informative and enjoyable. Will recommend this to others. - Barbara B.
It is a nice alternative to the traditional classroom setting. Works a lot better with busy lifestyles. - Rebekah M.
Kansas Defensive Driving Course