Some drivers enjoy getting behind the wheel of their car; the wind in their hair, the radio playing their favorite tune and the wide open road ahead of them.

Other drivers consider it pure drudgery. In fact, a better word might be “misery.” Which is why there is a Automotive Misery Index. According to the most recent Automotive Misery Index Arizona ranks 30th out of all 50 states for “miserable driving conditions.”

But what constitutes “miserable driving”? We’re glad you asked:

The rankings were determined by taking the average number of miles driven for each state, the average gas price, the cost of a year’s worth of fuel and a year’s worth of insurance. The misery index was determined by taking the total cost of fuel and insurance as a percentage of each state’s median household income.

Arizonans pay about 6.3 percent of their income to gas up and insure their vehicles, according to the index. Mississippi topped the rankings as the most miserable state in which to drive. In that state, drivers pay 11.6 percent of their income to insure and fuel their vehicles.

This is hardly the only way to determine how miserable a driver might be, or what make one driver more miserable than another, but certainly is an interesting way to look at something many of us have long since taken for granted.

Regardless of whether or not you enjoy your morning commute, or even just driving up to the grocery store for a gallon of milk, hopefully you are always employing defensive driving techniques and not letting your ‘misery’ force you to drive frustrated or angry.