A wave of sidewalk robots is taking over the streets of Arizona. The idea of these beneficial bots may sound like an unnecessary element out of a science fiction novel, but Arizona may soon become filled to the sidewalks with these autonomous aides. Thanks to legislation from Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona, these robots are being produced for delivering small objects, such as mail and pizza.

The concept of sidewalk robots is met with some controversy. Could these autonomous robots really be beneficial to society? We’re computing this question by listing the pros and cons of sidewalks robots in Arizona.


The delivery of small items…

…is convenient for everyone. Whether it’s mail or a pleasant pizza, delivery robots will make everyone’s life easier. It’s every perk of having a deliveryman without the human interaction.


…is guaranteed. The sidewalk robots don’t use fuel, because they’re powered by a battery charge. This makes them a great green substitute to the usual automobile pizza delivery. If you haven’t caught on, this entire pros/cons list is centered around the efficiency of getting pizza to our front door.

You can say robots roam the streets.

Nothing is greater than bragging to your friends about how your city adopted a new robot delivery system. Larger cities might have courier services, with cyclists whizzing by on the streets, but they don’t have large, 200-lb robots cruising at 10-MPH down the sidewalk.


…has an important role in robot acceptance. The cost to pay a delivery person might outweigh the cost to use an autonomous robot. One sidewalk robot will cost upwards to $10,000 and operators will have to maintain insurance liabilities of $100,000. However, owners can make that money back, over time, with the cost efficiency of not paying a delivery man.

You’ll fall in love.

Move over UPS Delivery Man, because Sidewalk Robot is ’a knockin’ at your front door. If you thought the delivery guy was cute, just wait until you lock eyes with these AI. The biggest benefit is looking at these eye candies roaming about outside. Hubba hubber!


The legislation states that a cargo less robot must weigh less than 100-lbs and weigh no heavier than 200-lbs with cargo. The legislation also issued a speed limit of 10-MPH. If they exceed this speed limit, they might have to enroll in a defensive driving course. [/framed_box]

Unregulated AI could cause problems…

…and not the usual robot uprising problems. Recently, an autonomous car struck and killed a pedestrian. This accident raised concerns for self-driving technologies everywhere. People are concerned that the unregulated AI could cause another devastating incident, like the recent fatal accident or… a missing pizza.

…are a major possibility. It might be challenging for a thief to swoop up a 200-lb robot driving 10-MPH down the sidewalk during broad daylight. However, anything is possible when an expensive piece of technology goes unattended. The only thing worse than a stolen personal delivery robot is a stolen personal pan pizza.[/framed_box]

Job replacement…

…is a major concern. People earn a living from delivering packages. The robot uprising could turn out to be a real scenario. However, instead of mass deaths, it’ll be mass unemployment.

You’ll fall in love.

It’s better to have loved than to never loved at all. As is the case with falling for these robotic hunks. Love hurts. Just as quickly as they came into your life, they’ll leave it… because their code will never understand the human experience.