az driver license renewal
Arizona drivers license renewal is different from what most states require. No matter your age, your AZ drivers license is valid until you turn 50. Once that happens you must renew it and it has to be renewed every five years after that. That may sound really simple, but there’s more to the issue than just getting your license once. Keeping it up to date is important, and you have to do that in specific ways. If you fail to follow state guidelines your license won’t technically be valid, even if you don’t have to officially renew it. Here’s what you really need to know about Arizona license renewal.

Your License is Good Until You’re 50 Years Old

Most states have set times that a license is good for, such as three years or five years. But with the State of Arizona, a driver’s license is good until the license holder turns 50. That’s true whether the license is issued when you’re 16 or when you’re 49. You won’t get a license renewal notice in the mail, so you want to make sure you’re paying attention to when the license expires. Make a note of it somewhere and be aware that you’ll need to do a few things to keep your license valid up until you turn 50, as well.

 Vision Test

Even when your license isn’t up for renewal, you must have your vision tested every 12 years. You’ll need to do that at the DMV, in person, and you’ll also need to prove your identity when you come in for that test. You can show them your current driver’s license and one other document, such as a passport or a social security card. If you pass the vision test there won’t be any problem with your license, and it will continue to stay valid until you reach 50 years old. If you fail the vision test, you may need to see an eye doctor or have your license suspended or revoked.

Keeping Your Picture Updated

When you come into the DMV for your vision test, you’ll also need a new photo taken. A person’s appearance can change quite a bit in 12 years, so it’s important that you have a photo that reflects your true appearance. You can’t bring in a photo of yourself, as you must have the picture taken there at the DMV. There are special rules for this if you’re in the military and stationed far away from home, as you can get a license that states it’s valid without the photo until you can get back to the DMV in person to have your photo updated.

After 50, Your License Needs Renewed Every Five Years

Once you turn 50, the rules change. Your license will only be valid for five years, and you’ll need to renew it completely for each five-year period. You won’t be able to just have a new picture taken and take a vision test. There are fees each time you renew a license, as well, but they’re lower for people who are over 50. Those who have a suspended license will need to get it reinstated before having it renewed, and those who are getting a Travel ID will only see their license be valid for a maximum of eight years. These special circumstances and licenses must be treated the right way, and it’s well worth your time to visit the DMV if you have questions or concerns about your license or its renewal.