A new report by Allstate Insurance Company was good news for many major urban centers across the United States, but bad news for two: Maryland and Washington D.C. are considered by the insurance company to be at a much higher risk of having a vehicle crash than those living anywhere else.

Of the 200 cities studied, Washington D.C. received the lowest ranking of 195. Baltimore was ranked at 194, the second lowest slot on the list and only slightly better than those in D.C. According to the report D.C. residents go about 4.7 years between accidents and Baltimore residents only go a bit longer between accidents, with 5.3 years. Compare that to drivers in the best ranked city, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where they go almost 14 years between accidents. That’s more a decade of difference.

For insurance companies this information is crucial for determining what insurance premiums to charge. The more claims they can expect from any given geographic area the more likely they are to need to charge more money for insurance. It’s simple economics.

The report does not go into details about why certain cities might have a shorter time frame between accidents, but it does supply some information about what drivers can do to drive more carefully. It also does not indicate why drivers in some cities might be more safe than others. All it does is compile information in such a way as to identify trends; ups and downs of traffic collisions.

While data analysis is important for determining trends it is also crucial to take your analysis one step further and determine cause and effect. Once these can be established the cities that scored low on the recent Allstate report can begin to address their problems and get people back on the road safely.