Comedy defensive driving is one of the most important things you can learn as a driver on today's streets. The reason is simple. There are all types of people with all levels of skill (and plenty more without any skill at all it seems) on the roads today. While the police are out there giving traffic tickets to anyone who makes a mistake or violates the law, you cannot be too safe on the road. In fact, here are five examples of when it is a good thing the police issued a traffic ticket (or at least could have done so!)

A Camaro Driver Gets Road Rage

A perfect example of bad driving is an incident that occurs in April of 2015. A Camaro driver tried to fidn a way to squeeze in front of a pickup truck driver on a busy street. But, the pickup driver wasn't going for it and sped up rather than slowing down. The Camaro driver ended up tailgating the pickup, and the pickup driver was riding right next to a large truck, making it impossible for the Camaro driver to get around and pass. The result? The pickup truck ended up losing control and mashing into a wall. The Camaro driver tried to flee the scene, but the entire incident was caught on dash cam.

Road Rage Leads to Fatal Accident

Another incident occurred in March of 2015 in LaPorte County when a two car collision happened as a result of road rage. Over 15 miles, the two drivers were passing each other and, eventually collided, leading to one person's death. Skid marks helped the police to learn more about what happened, but there is no way for them to know who started the events that lead to the fatal car accident. However, the witness statements could lead to significant tickets in this case.

Man Allegedly Causes Death Of Elderly Man Due to Careless Driving

It is not just in the U.S. that drivers do bad things that lead to horrible outcomes. In one area of the Uk, a man is accused to reckless driving that left an 87 year old man dead. According to the police, the man was not paying attention when he reversed the car while driving in. The result of the incident was that the elderly man was struck by the car and killed through no fault of his own. The 26 year old man who is charged with this crime is said to be fighting the charges he's facing.

Elderly Man Hits and Kills Walking Man

Another incident in which poor driving (and a resulting driving ticket) occurred in Winnipeg. There a 75 year old man who was behind the wheel of a car caused a hit and run. The driver struck and killed a 22 year old who was walking home. It all happened at 11:30 pm, which could have been a factor due to poor eyesight or lighting. What's even worse is that this driver then fled the scene. Not only did this man face charges in the accident, but also for failing to stop at the scene.

Teens Killed Due to DUI and Texting

In 2012, four teenagers were in a car driving when a man who was speeding, driving and driving, and texting smashed into the car. The teens had no alcohol or drugs in their system. However, two of the teens died in the accident, brought on by very poor driving and senseless acts. One of the only good things to come of this event is that one of the teenagers involved in the accident now talks to other students around the nation about the experience and the importance of not driving while drunk, speeding, or texting while behind the wheel.

Getting Comedy Defensive Driving Training Could Save Your Life

Sure, you know the importance of driving properly yourself. You know you have to follow the laws to avoid traffic tickets. What you cannot do, though, is protect yourself from other drivers on the road and their mistakes. On the other hand, when you take comedy driving training courses, you may be able to improve your defensive driving skills so that you can effectively avoid these types of situations and how you interact with them on the road. Whether someone is distracted, drunk, or just aggressive, having skills that can help you to avoid accidents or these drivers altogether can be critically important to not just your ability to avoid tickets, but also to protect your life.