You get a speeding ticket, you decide to take your required traffic school course online. “Good, glad that is over,” you say to yourself. But wait - are you sure that your traffic school classes will really satisfy the requirement given by the judge or in the location where you received the ticket? You better make sure, whether you attend in person or complete an online traffic school course that the school and course you complete satisfies requirements for the state, locale and the specific court handling your ticket.

Traffic School Laws Really Do Differ From One Location To The Next?

Traffic school laws do vary from one state to the next and sometimes within various localities of the same state. While it may seem somewhat confusing and overwhelming, you will likely feel extremely overwhelmed and confused if you successfully complete traffic school only to learn it does not satisfy requirements in the state or the locale where you received the ticket. Which brings us to the next issue - you have to know that the traffic school you are attending satisfies the requirements for the location where you received the traffic ticket and not where you live. The traffic school requirements where you received the ticket may vary substantially from where you live. Even if the differences seem minor, it can still potentially make your traffic school completion invalid.

Traffic School Application Procedures Can Differ

“What?” you ask. Yes, even the procedure for applying for traffic school varies in some locations. Make sure you follow the proper application procedures and do so in a timely manner. While some areas allow you to apply for traffic school online, others require your personal appearance in front of a judge to plead your case for attending traffic school.

Traffic School Laws and Special Circumstances

Some states decided that senior citizens need refresher defensive driving courses and believe traffic schools are an ideal solution to potential driving-related issues that seniors sometimes face. In states that require senior driving refresher courses, the news is not all bad. In some instances successful completion of a traffic school course may help reduce insurance premiums. If you are a senior, or at least age 55 or older with the unfortunate traffic ticket in your hand, you may want to check with your insurance company to determine if they are still likely to reward you with a discount when you complete traffic school.

Other Variances In Traffic Schools

In addition to variances in traffic school laws with requirements varying from one state to the next or even in different jurisdictions of the same state, there are other traffic school variances. Some jurisdictions do not give you options - you must attend the traffic school that the court designates. It does no good whatsoever to attend traffic school only to learn it is not approved by the state, locale or court where you received the ticket. If you enroll in an online traffic school course, make sure it features approved safety education courses and completely complies with all mandated traffic school law requirements.

Forget The Loopholes - You Must Attend Traffic School

Looking for loopholes? Forget it. When California discovered that repeat offenders were getting breaks because after completing a traffic school course their traffic ticket record was expunged, the state got savvy and eliminated the loophole in 2011. Some believed the new traffic law was not really new, as explained by NBC-4 who quoted Gary Alexander, Improv Traffic School owner, as saying that the new law is not new but “one that puts teeth in an old law."

Now courts communicate better and repeat offenders are no longer off the hook so easily. Enroll in an online traffic school and make sure it complies with the traffic school laws where you received the ticket before you enroll.